‘Survivor’ 37 deleted scene: Dan and John are ‘pissed’ they’re building the merge shelter all by themselves [WATCH]

“This is the most pissed I’ve been,” harrumphs Dan Rengering during the latest deleted scene from “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” about building the new merge shelter with his fellow brochacho John Hennigan. “There’s so many people, and we’re the only ones working,” he complains as the other 11 castaways of the combined David and Goliath tribe, dubbed “Kalokalo,” are off socializing and having fun. Watch the “Survivor” deleted scene above.

As S.W.A.T. officer Dan explains in a confessional, “Today everybody feels like we need a shelter but nobody wants to do it, so it’s just me and John working on it. Me and him are the only ones tying up the tarp and chopping bamboo, while everybody else is gallivanting and wanting to have a good time.”

Pro wrestler John agrees wholeheartedly, saying, “I feel like we should eat some extra food or something. Dude, ’cause this is burning a lot of calories. We just gotta make sure we get back in ’cause everyone else is playing the social game right now and we’re doing all the work. It doesn’t help us.”

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Dan, who currently has two hidden immunity idols in his pocket, remarks, “We’ve got people out hanging out on the beach. We’ve got people chilling in a hammock. It’s ridiculous. They’re basically watching us do most of the work. But hopefully whenever my name comes up people will remember that I was the guy here working my tail off so they could not sleep on the dirt.”

Since John and Dan are part of the Goliath tribe, they now have a strong eight-to-six numbers advantage over their David counterparts. The first tribal council of the merged tribe resulted in a unanimous vote against Elizabeth Olson, however Angelina Keeley‘s name was also thrown out as a possible target because the others saw her as trying to secure Elizabeth’s jury vote.

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