‘Survivor’ 37 episode 4 preview trailer: Jeff Probst teases ‘unpredictable’ tribe swap for Davids and Goliaths [WATCH]

“Another unpredictable moment in an unpredictable season,” teases “Survivor” host Jeff Probst about the first tribe swap of Season 37. In the new preview trailer for Episode 4 (watch above), the Davids and Goliaths are thrown for a loop when Probst tells them to drop their buffs and randomly create new tribes. Which castaways will use the mix-up to their advantage and who will falter? Find out when “Time to Bring About the Charmpocalypse” airs Wednesday, October 17 on CBS.

“Now it’s really time to backstab and lie and play the game,” smiles Davie Rickenbacker, who looks to be staying put at the David camp. Davie has immense power heading into the tribe swap. Not only is he a provider around camp (don’t forget, he caught an octopus back in the second episode) but he also possesses a hidden immunity idol that nobody else knows about.

Elsewhere, Carl Boudreaux and Alison Raybould are knee deep in the ocean as they try to find a coconut-shaped clue with blue ribbon that’s floating on the water. “It’s like a needle in a haystack,” Carl laments as he trudges through the waves to try to locate the advantage. Does the clue lead to the location of a new immunity idol? Or could it be something else entirely?

Alec Merlino is seen wearing a shiny orange buff, suggesting that he switched tribes from the Goliaths to the Davids. “It’s pretty intense,” he says while decked out in Hawaiin shirt and shorts. Something tells us Alec will have no problem assimilating into his new surroundings, since at his previous camp he had all the girls laughing with his chef skills.

So far three castaways have left “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” — Pat Cusack was medevaced, Jessica Peet was blindsided and Jeremy Crawford was voted out last week. Who will be following them out the door?

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