‘Survivor’ 37 episode 7 preview trailer: ‘This is the merge!’ Alison declares in ‘There’s Gonna Be Tears Shed’ [WATCH]

“This is the merge! The game starts now,” Alison Raybould triumphantly declares in the latest preview trailer for Episode 6 of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath.” Airing Wednesday, November 7 on CBS, the 13 remaining castaways of the Tiva, Vuku and Jabeni tribes rejoice after making it to the halfway point of Season 37. Which players will use the merge to their advantage and who will be the first voted out of the combined tribe? Above, watch the promo video for “There’s Gonna Be Tears Shed” for hints and clues.

At his new camp, Alec Merlino savvily surmises, “We’re gonna see alliances break, tears shed, blindsides.” Hey, something tells us that Alec has seen the show before! While the “Survivor” merge is typically a time when old tribal lines reform, there’s a strong chance that the former Davids and the former Goliaths will instead be loyal to the new groups they created after the recent tribe swap.

For example, Mike White and Nick Wilson have formed a strong “rock star” duo, while Christian Hubicki, John Hennigan and Dan Rengering are self-described “brochachos.” Since both alliances include Davids and Goliaths, it’ll be interesting to see whether these groups remain loyal or crumble now that all of the castaways are playing together on the same beach.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Dan announces that he is “furious” over something. Could it be that he just came to realize that his hidden immunity idol (at least one of them) is common knowledge thanks to Jeremy Crawford spilling the beans early on? The preview ends with Christian stating, “That’s a huge piece of information!” so it’s possible he’s reacting to finding out about Dan’s not-so-secret idol.

Based on exclusive Gold Derby predictions, the castaways most likely to be eliminated at the merge are Angelina Keeley (13/10 odds), Alec (11/4 odds), Kara Kay (15/2 odds) and Elizabeth Olsen (20/1 odds). Meanwhile, the four people with the best chances of winning the $1 million prize are Christian (4/1 odds), Nick (9/2 odds), Gabby Pascuzzi (11/2 odds) and Dan (7/1 odds). Do you agree or disagree with our racetrack odds?

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