‘Survivor’ 37 preview trailer: Halloween episode is ‘spine-chilling’ for 3 castaways in ‘Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?’ [WATCH]

Yes, there will be an all-new episode of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” on Halloween night. And yes, CBS is promising that it will be a “frightening … horrifying … spine-chilling” hour. In the preview trailer for Season 37, Episode 6, several castaways are in dire situations including Gabby Pascuzzi of the green Tiva tribe, Mike White of the purple Jabeni tribe, and Elizabeth Olson of the orange Vuku tribe. Can any of these three survive the spooky-themed Halloween episode? Watch the promo video for “Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?” above.

During a moment of weakness, Gabby hugs tribe mate Alison Raybould tightly and cries, “It’s really scary being on the bottom.” In Gabby’s tribe of five, there are two definite pairs: Gabby & Christian Hubicki and John Hennigan & Dan Rengering. That could potentially make Alison a swing vote, but would she dare betray her fellow Goliath team members John and Dan this close to the merge? Despite her tears it hasn’t been all bad news for Gabby on Tiva as she recently celebrated winning immunity for her tribe.

Over at the Jabeni camp Mike appears ready to turn on longtime ally Angelina Keeley. “As far as the game goes, Angelina would cut you,” he tells his “Rockstar” alliance buddy Nick Wilson. Just last week Mike, Nick and Lyrsa Torres-Velez squashed old David/Goliath battle lines and banded together to eliminate Natalie Cole. But Angelina apparently didn’t get the memo, as she voted with Natalie to try to eliminate Lyrsa. That officially puts Angelina on the bottom of her tribe and if they lose immunity it could be bye-bye for the freezing cold castaway.

Elizabeth is the star of the preview trailer, as she experiences her “worst nightmare” in dealing with Davie Rickenbacker. “I’ve got issues,” she tells him, before later explaining in a confessional, “I don’t like stupid people!” Elizabeth and Davie both started out together on the David tribe, but now that they have a numbers advantage on Vuku along with Carl Boudreaux, it’s in their best interest to stick together and oust either Alec Merlino or Kara Kay.

According to Gold Derby’s exclusive racetrack odds, the three castaways most likely to be sent packing in the sixth episode are Angelina (83/50 odds), Kara (4/1 odds) or Lyrsa (6/1 odds). Conversely, the players most likely to join the “Survivor” winners list are Christian (9/2 odds), Nick (5/1 odds) and Gabby (7/1 odds). Do you agree or disagree with our rankings? Sound off down in the comments section.

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