‘Survivor’ 37 preview trailer: Get ready for ‘vicious’ Angelina Keeley during Wednesday’s 2-hour episode [WATCH]

Survivor: David vs. Goliath” is all-new this Wednesday, November 28 with a special double-length episode. That’s right, there will be two tribal councils and two castaways sent to Ponderosa before the end of “Tribal Lines Are Blurred.” Based on CBS’s preview trailer (watch above), the star of the episode will be none other than Angelina Keeley, who’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. “I don’t think they know how vicious I can be,” Angelina grins as angelic music plays in the background.

Angelina has a reason to be vicious. After all, her fellow Goliath tribe members Alec Merlino and Kara Kay voted for her at the last tribal council, when they were all supposed to stay “Goliath strong” and send home Christian Hubicki. Instead, only Angelina, Dan Rengering and Mike White ended up casting votes for Christian while the sixth Goliath — Alison Raybould — had her vote stolen by Nick Wilson. Nick’s fellow Davids all stuck together and eliminated Dan.

If Angelina is out for revenge for being backstabbed by Alec and Kara, then she need look no further than the other side of the beach for help. Nick, Christian, Carl Boudreaux, Gabby Pascuzzi and Davie Rickenbacker have proven themselves to be a close-knit group, but now that the Davids and Goliaths are evenly split at five players apiece, they’ll need numbers to take the majority. Would Angelina actually be desperate enough to say goodbye to the Goliaths and create a six-to-four advantage over at the David camp?

Elsewhere in the promo video, Alec declares, “When you get cocky, you’re gonna be blindsided.” Perhaps that’s a veiled attack on Dan, who last week got too comfortable with his alliance and with his hidden immunity idol and ended up paying the price.

“I’ve gotta be burning some bridges,” Mike announces in the clip package, which is nothing new for him. He previously turned on Natalie Cole and then more recently tried to blindside his buddy Christian. Alison closes out the preview trailer by saying, “It’s music to my ears.”

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