‘Survivor’ 37 preview video: ‘David vs. Goliath’ will be an ‘equal opportunity game,’ teases Jeff Probst [WATCH]

If you’re worried that “Survivor’s” upcoming biblical battle focusing on a “David vs. Goliath” theme might be unfair by design, don’t be. Longtime host Jeff Probst promises that the show will be an “equal opportunity game” and that both tribes — the underdogs (Davids) and the over-achievers (Goliaths) — have their own distinct advantages. Watch Probst dish “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” in CBS’s preview video above. Season 37 debuts Wednesday, September 26 at 8/7c.

“You could argue that Davids have an advantage because they’re used to overcoming obstacles,” notes Probst. “So sleeping out in the rain or having to build a shelter, this isn’t going to get to me. You have no idea what I’ve overcome.” The 10 David tribe members are: Jessica Peet (19), Gabby Pascuzzi (25), Nick Wilson (27), Bi Nguyen (28), Davie Rickenbacker (30), Elizabeth Olsen (31), Christian Hubicki (32), Lyrsa Torres (36), Pat Cusack (40) and Carl Boudreaux (41).

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Probst continues, “Contrast that with the Goliaths, you could say they have the advantage because they know how to win. They’ve done it their whole life. They know how to find the advantage and use it to hammer their opponent.” Here are the 10 Goliath tribe members: Alec Merlino (24), Natalia Azoqa (25), Dan Rengering (27), Alison Raybould (28), Angelina Keeley (28), Kara Kay (30), John Hennigan (38), Jeremy Crawford (40), Mike White (47) and Natalie Cole (56).

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“What makes it fair is that ‘Survivor’ is an equal opportunity game,” Probst adds about the notable tribe dichotomies. “Sometimes it’s a physical thing you need to do. Sometimes it’s a puzzle. David vs. Goliath is a big theme and we hope it’s a good season where on any given day in the right situation anything is possible.” Who will end up winning “Survivor” Season 37 and joining such past winners as Wendell Holland and Richard Hatch? Make your initial predictions right now in Gold Derby’s weekly event.

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