‘Survivor’ fans declare Angelina to be ‘huge target’ following her ‘lame attempts at jury management’ [POLL RESULTS]

“Angelina’s lame attempts at jury management have made her a huge target.” Yikes! That’s how a whopping 87% of “Survivor” fans voted in our recent poll that asked whether Angelina Keeley‘s decision to tell Elizabeth Olson that she was going home will come back to haunt her. To compare, only 13% of our readers believed that Angelina “was just being honest with Elizabeth and no harm will come from it.” Do you agree or disagree with these poll results? Sound off down in the comments section or join the discussion in our reality TV forum.

At tribal council the financial consultant from California tried to defend herself by declaring, “I wasn’t trying to be sneaky!” But the harm was already done as Angelina’s decision to spill the beans to Elizabeth was seen as a betrayal by her fellow Goliaths. For her part, Elizabeth tried to use Angelina’s kindness against her by attacking her at tribal council. That’s when Angelina pleaded, “Guys, they’re just trying to fracture us. They’re using me to try to get the numbers back.”

Angelina ended up receiving only one vote, from Elizabeth. The other 12 players all unanimously ousted Elizabeth, including the David tribe members she’d been loyal to throughout the game. So what happened? “[Carl Boudreaux] really shot me down,” Elizabeth told Gold Derby the morning after her elimination. “It took the wind out of the sails from the Goliaths that were considering voting for Angelina. They were like, ‘Wait, we can’t even get the Davids on board to switch this way.’ Why would they risk not having enough votes to get Angelina and then having a pissed-off Angelina in the game?”

Despite vehemently denying that she was trying to secure Elizabeth’s jury vote, Angelina came away from tribal council as the new #1 target on the combined Kalokalo tribe. However, as host Jeff Probst explained, it really doesn’t matter what Angelina’s motives were because perception is reality and everyone saw her as trying to manage the jury.

Following last week’s episode, the original Goliaths now have an eight-to-six numbers advantage over the original Davids. But there are plans in motion to switch things up. A six-person power alliance calling themselves the “Strike Force” was enacted after the merge and consists of three Davids (Christian Hubicki, Nick Wilson, Gabby Pascuzzi) and three Goliaths (Alison Raybould, Mike White, Alec Merlino). When the time is right, this sextet will make themselves known by taking out anyone who stands in their way, including Angelina.

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