‘Survivor’ deleted scene: Carl feels like he should ‘go down in Survivor history’ for playing idol nullifier [WATCH]

Playing that nullifier and playing it to perfection felt great,” bragged Carl Boudreaux in CBS’s latest deleted scene from “Survivor: David vs. Goliath.” After nullifying Dan Rengering‘s hidden immunity idol, Carl’s fellow David tribe members were able to vote him out of the game despite being at a numbers disadvantage. Carl continued, “Hell, I feel I should go down in ‘Survivor’ history for that one.” Watch the “Survivor” deleted scene above.

Following Dan’s ouster, the remaining 10 members of the Kalokalo tribe gathered around the fire to talk about the historic game move. “Dan has to be devastated,” noted Alec Merlino about his former ally. Gabby Pascuzzi added, “If you have an idol you would never think it would be nullified.”

By sending Dan to Ponderosa, that made the original tribal numbers even at five Davids and five Goliaths. “The David tribe has been playing from behind since day one,” announced Carl. “We’ve stuck true to one another, which is a beautiful thing. Now that we have numbers even at five-five, hopefully we can keep our foot on their throats and bury and ride off into the sunset.”

While Carl and his fellow Davids were off celebrating their victory, Alec and Kara Kay were trying to hide their anger over losing the numbers. Alec harrumphed, “Advantages and things are so gnarly. It’s like scary.” Kara responded, “It’s insane.”

As we now know, the Davids’ numbers advantage only lasted for one vote when the tribe came together to unanimously send home Alec. Following that tribal council, the tribal lines were indeed blurred when Christian Hubicki, Gabby, Kara, Alison Raybould and Mike White voted to send home Carl. The other four — Carl, Davie Rickenbacker, Nick Wilson and Angelina Keeley — were outnumbered in voting for Alison.

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