‘Survivor’ deleted scene reveals Nick Wilson was mastermind behind John Hennigan’s blindside: ‘I hit a grand slam!’ [WATCH]

Diehard “Survivor” fans who are still scratching their heads about who was responsible for John Hennigan‘s blindsided during last week’s tribal council need wonder no more. In CBS’s latest deleted scene from “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” Nick Wilson takes credit for the move, bragging, “Tonight I went for the fences and I hit a home run. I hit a grand slam!” Watch the deleted scene above.

As a refresher, the tribal council in question took place on Night 22 when the seven Goliaths decided to work together to eliminate Christian Hubicki. When Davie Rickenbacker used his hidden immunity idol to save Christian, Angelina Keeley then begged Dan Rengering to use his idol on her, which he begrudgingly did. However, because of Nick’s genius plan of splitting the five Davids’ votes — two for Angelina and three for John — John was sent to the jury house at Ponderosa.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe [Dan] played that, that’s like best case scenario!” Nick told Christian and Gabby Pascuzzi when they got back to camp. “I knew John was going home, I knew you were staying, and that Davie would lose his idol. But I had no idea we were gonna flush two idols. We flushed one and used one.”

Nick later explained in a confessional, “This is the first time in ‘Survivor’ history that we split the minority vote. Basically, I made a plan. We put three votes on John and two on Angelina, and that way if a Goliath plays an idol a Goliath is still going home. And it worked perfectly!”

After Christian called Nick a “genius,” Gabby declared that Nick is so believable because of his “freaking southern accent.” Nick feels like his secret advantage in the game is that he’s underestimated, saying, “I’ve been playing that up with my ‘Ah shucks’ strategy and playing dumb.” But how much longer will Nick’s strategy work before the other castaways catch on?

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