‘Survivor’ episode 7 elimination predictions: Bradley Kleihege or Libby Vincek will be sent home in ‘Gotta Risk it For the Biscuit’

On Wednesday’s seventh episode of “Survivor: Ghost Island” Bradley Kleihege looks to be in danger of heading home, according to our official predictions. This Haslett, Michigan resident has rubbed many of his cast members the wrong way, however he still has a numbers advantage on his new Naviti tribe along with original allies Domenick Abbate and Chelsea Townsend. Bradley has leading 11/5 odds to go home in “Gotta Risk it For the Biscuit,” but should he survive the vote, Libby Vincek is next on our elimination chart with 5/2 odds.

Bradley was the de facto leader at the old Malolo camp thanks to his five-person alliance of former Naviti members. After last week’s second tribe swap, Bradley has once again found himself in a power position. He was placed back at the Naviti camp along with old friends Domenick and Chelsea, giving them a three-to-two advantage over Libby and Donathan Hurley. As eliminated castaway James Lim told us last week, even though the initial Naviti and Malolo tribe designations were completely random, they seem to be determining the game.

Should Naviti lose the immunity challenge, Libby and Donathan will have to pull out a miracle to avoid being voted out along original tribal lines. Since neither of them has a hidden idol or a secret advantage, this Malolo duo will likely try to pull someone over to their side. After the first tribe swap both Libby and Donathan got close to Domenick during the whole Domenick/Chris Noble feud, so if they’re smart, they’ll be looking to find a way to convince him to turn on Bradley.

Elsewhere in our “Survivor” predictions for Season 36, Episode 7, Laurel Johnson still has the best odds (13/10) to win, the new Yanuya tribe is predicted to win both the Reward challenge (4/11 odds) and the Immunity challenge (2/3 odds), and Michael Yerger is expected to be sent to Ghost Island (3/1 odds). See more “Survivor” odds and rankings.

Speaking of Ghost Island, a whopping 54% of fans are disappointed with the way this season’s twist has played out so far. Over the course of the first six episodes, only one person (Jacob Derwin) received an advantage after being exiled on Ghost Island. His prize was the famed legacy advantage from “Survivor: Game Changers,” which he gave to Morgan Ricke; when Morgan was voted out she willed it to Domenick.

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