‘Survivor’ episode 7 preview: Malolo burns tribal flag in ‘Gotta Risk it For the Biscuit’ to try to ‘reverse the curse’ [WATCH]

In an effort to put an end to their losing streak, the Malolo tribe will make the controversial decision to burn their tribal flag in Wednesday’s seventh episode of “Survivor: Ghost Island.” CBS’s new preview trailer (watch above) centers around the fiery act, as a stunned Jeff Probst asks, “You guys burned your flag?!” Will setting fire to their flag be key to ending the Malolo curse, or will the “Survivor” gods continue punishing them even more? Give us your take down in the comments section.

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The last time Malolo won a challenge was way back in the third episode. Since then, they’ve lost multiple Reward and Immunity contests to the Naviti tribe and even came in third place last week when a third team, Yanuya, was created. Of the six castaways to be eliminated so far, only one (Morgan Ricke) was voted out while a member of Naviti.

With so many losses under their belts, it only makes sense for the current inhabitants of the Malolo camp to go to drastic means to try to right their ship. “We have to reverse the curse,” declares Desiree Afuye in the preview trailer. Following last week’s elimination of James Lim, Desiree is now one of only four Malolo members along with Kellyn Bechtold, Angela Perkins and Michael Yerger.

Eighteen-year-old Michael is the only castaway to be on Malolo since day one, through all three tribe swaps. As such, he’s been to five of the six tribal councils, watching as many of his alliance members were voted out. With so much screen time, Michael is one of four castaways that we believe is getting the “winner’s edit” for Season 36. The others are Laurel Johnson (currently on Yanuya), Domenick Abbate (currently on Naviti) and Kellyn.

Find out who gets voted out of Season 36, Episode 7 when “Survivor: Ghost Island” airs Wednesday night on CBS.

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