‘Survivor’ episode 9 preview trailer: Dan and Kara’s ‘juicy’ showmance on the rocks in ‘Breadth-First Search’ [WATCH]

“Dan is coming loose at the seams,” declares Kara Kay about her showmance partner Dan Rengering in the preview trailer for the next episode of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” airing Wednesday, November 21. Ever since they first met back in the season premiere, Kara and Dan have had an extremely close relationship, but now they’re about to experience some “juicy drama.” Watch CBS’s “Survivor” promo video above for Season 37, Episode 9, titled “Breadth-First Search.”

Kara is seen comforting an annoyed Dan on the beach as she scolds him, “This is ‘Survivor.’ You don’t just sit on the beach alone.” What’s gotten Dan so upset? Perhaps he’s still stewing about the fact that he wasted his hidden immunity idol last week when he played it for Angelina Keeley.

As a refresher, Dan’s Goliath tribe voted unanimously to blindside Christian Hubicki, but when Davie Rickenbacker used his idol to save Christian, Angelina felt vulnerable. She begged and pleaded for Dan to use his idol on her, which he did. Unfortunately, it was all for naught as John Hennigan received the second-most votes after Christian and so he was sent to Ponderosa.

Elsewhere in the “Survivor” teaser, Kara tells Alec Merlino and Alison Raybould, “They want us three to make the move.” Kara isn’t aware that these two Goliaths have a secret “Strike Force” alliance with David tribe members Christian, Gabby Pascuzzi and Nick Wilson, so if the “move” she’s talking about is to vote out one of those three, then Alec and Alison will have a big decision to make.

Later, Nick holds a meeting with the remaining five Davids and brings everyone up to speed by informing them, “We have a secret advantage.” Actually, they possess two: Carl Boudreaux has an idol nullifier while Nick can steal another person’s vote. Gabby later proclaims, “It’s a game-changing move.” How will the Davids choose to utilize their advantages?

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