‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ episode 8 preview: Wednesday’s merge will escalate Chris Noble/Domenick Abbate feud [WATCH]

The Chris Noble/Domenick Abbate feud is about to reach a boiling point on “Survivor: Ghost Island.” In CBS’s preview trailer for Season 36, Episode 8 (watch above), the rivalry takes center stage as the three tribes (Naviti, Malolo, Yanuya) merge together. “He still wants me dead,” declares Domenick in the video. “He’s gotta go.” Will these two alpha males be able to put their differences aside and vote together as original Naviti members, or will their feud be responsible for one of their ousters? Find out when the episode airs Wednesday, April 11.

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Domenick has an ace up his sleeve that Chris has no idea about: the legacy advantage. This power acts as a hidden immunity idol for Domenick, but there’s a catch: it can only be used when there are 13 people left in the game or when there are six people left in the game. We have finally reached the first threshold, but most “Survivor” fans who voted in our recent poll think Domenick will wait to use it until the Final 6. Time will tell if Domenick is able to “reverse the curse” of this legacy advantage that has plagued it since “Survivor: Game Changers.”

Heading into Wednesday’s merge, there are eight original Naviti players compared to only five original Malolo castaways. If tribal lines continue to be more important than new relationships, that would suggest one of the original Malolo residents — Jenna Bowman, Donathan Hurley, Laurel Johnson, Libby Vincek or Michael Yerger — will be headed out the door. Of course, Domenick’s hatred of Chris may put an end to the Naviti 8, and we could see him create a new alliance with Donathan and Libby, whom he sided with last week.

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