‘Survivor’ Ponderosa video: 4th jury member on being voted out unanimously after ‘fighting for my life’ as a Goliath [WATCH]

The fourth jury member of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” Alec Merlino, was voted out unanimously on Wednesday, November 28 in an episode aptly titled “Tribal Lines Are Blurred.” Despite Alec’s last-ditch effort to convince his fellow Goliath allies to vote out Carl Boudreaux, aka the Godfather, the tribe decided to work together and eliminate the biggest physical threat in the game. How did Alec react to having his torch snuffed? Watch CBS’s latest Ponderosa video above.

“Just sitting at tribal was obviously unsettling,” Alec stated on his way to the jury house to meet up with Elizabeth Olson, John Hennigan and Dan Rengering. “I felt like I was kind of fighting for my life, I guess. I played hard. I gave my pitch. I said what I needed to say. People wanted to go a different direction. They said I was a good player, which you know is not a bad thing. I’m glad that I was able to just play like myself. I didn’t have to be anyone. I didn’t have to do anything different. I just played like Alec.”

At the start of “Survivor” Season 37 Alec weighed in at 181 pounds, but after 28 days on the island he left the game at 172 pounds. “It’s not bad actually,” Alec noted about his nine-pound weight loss, especially since he ate “so much food” at the various reward challenges.

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Alec later added, “Dude, I am looking forward to an ice cold beer. I’m not even thinking about food right now. Just an ice cold beer and cruising in and seeing the rest of the jury right now and just freaking giving them hugs and being like, ‘What up?'”

Despite being voted out unanimously by the Davids and Goliaths, Alec didn’t appear to hold any grudges following his elimination. “I’m happy with how I went out,” he declared. “I’m happy for the reasons of why I went out. I was more of a threat than I thought I was.”

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