‘Survivor’ Ponderosa video: 7th jury member jokes ‘the challenges were less murderous than I thought’ [WATCH]

“From the beginning of this game, I had announced myself as a big threat,” admitted Christian Hubicki, the seventh jury member of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” on his way to the Ponderosa jury house after being voted out. “Potentially a questionable strategic move, but really I knew that I had to embrace who I was at the very beginning in the hopes that at some point they would just kind of get used to it and forget.” Watch the “Survivor” Ponderosa video above.

Speaking about his quirky and memorable demeanor, Christian said, “I knew out of the gate I’m the guy in a robot shirt who can’t help but use words that people don’t usually use.” Christian was seen as a social threat for much of the game and he was the frequent target of votes from friends and foes alike. In the end, Angelina Keeley, Kara Kay and Nick Wilson got the better of Christian and voted him out.

“The challenges were less murderous than I thought,” Christian joked to the show’s doctor at his customary post-tribal council weigh-in. “Even that six-hour one. Oh God, the six-hour challenge, I don’t know what the heck washed over me. Dude, I got to talk to Jeff Probst for six hours! Who gets to do that? People would pay a lot of money to do that.”

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On his way to meet the other six jury members, he admitted that he “totally anticipated ups and downs” in the game. “I mean, I was trying to find ways to keep motivating myself to keep going. Not that I ever felt like quitting, or really taking my foot off the gas in terms of really trying to play the game. But in those moments where you’re so wet and tired, you’re like, ‘Okay, what can keep me going?'”

Christian started the game weighing 153 pounds, but after 35 days on the island diet he dropped down to 138 pounds, a total loss of 15 pounds. After leaving the weigh-in, he said he was excited to go “get a drink with Gabby.” Just three days prior Gabby Pascuzzi had ruined her own game when she turned on her close ally Christian. So what was Christian and Gabby’s reactions to meeting up at Ponderosa? Watch the video above to find out.

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