‘Survivor’ Ponderosa video: 6th jury member admits ‘I felt an eerie feeling today’ [WATCH]

“I felt an eerie feeling today,” admitted Gabby Pascuzzi, the sixth jury member of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” during her Ponderosa video (watch above). Gabby was voted out of Wednesday’s episode after she tried — and failed — to make a “big move” by blindsiding her closest ally Christian Hubicki. After Davie Rickenbacker told Christian about Gabby’s master plan, Christian decided to use his hidden immunity idol. Thus, the five votes for Christian did not count and Gabby ended up going home with only two votes cast against her from Angelina Keeley and Mike White.

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Gabby continued, “I sensed it was me and I wish I had acted on it. I got too comfortable, which is ironic, because I just said that at tribal, ‘Never get too comfortable.'” She confessed that she “knew what the perception of me was and I knew I had to change it.” That’s why she tried to get rid of Christian, whom she called her “number one ally who also happens to be the biggest threat to win the game.”

In a conversation with the show’s doctor, Gabby noted, “The game was harder for me mentally and emotionally than it was physically, which is surprising because I kind of thought I would excel mentally and really suffer physically.” Amazingly, Gabby lost 13 pounds in 32 days on the island, having started at 129 pounds and finished at 116 pounds.

Ultimately Gabby said that in leaving tribal council she felt “defeated but not dejected.” Before she went on to meet the other five jury members — Elizabeth Olson, John Hennigan, Dan Rengering, Alec Merlino and Carl Boudreaux — Gabby was visibly nervous. She stated, “I was sort of friends with a couple of the people back here, but not all of them.”

“And also I’m the first woman since Elizabeth, who’s been all by herself,” Gabby added. “So I’m wondering what kind of culture has evolved here at Ponderosa.” The first person to greet Gabby was Elizabeth, who breathed a sigh of relief at finally having another woman in the jury house amidst the Brochachos. Watch the full Ponderosa video above.

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