‘Survivor’ preview trailer: Bitter Nick hisses that ‘Christian’s dead to me’ following Carl’s blindside [WATCH]

This just in: the so-called “Mason-Dixon alliance” between Nick Wilson and Christian Hubicki on “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” appears to be donezo. After Christian and Gabby Pascuzzi decided to split with their fellow Davids and vote out Carl Boudreaux during last week’s two-hour episode, Nick is now hissing in the latest preview trailer that “Christian’s dead to me.” Watch CBS’s promo video above for Season 37, Episode 12, titled “So Smart They’re Dumb.”

Christian realizes he’s in trouble, declaring in the trailer, “He wants to take revenge on me.” But Christian and Gabby knew going into the last tribal council that voting out Carl would be seen as a betrayal by remaining David tribe members Nick and Davie Rickenbacker. So why’d they do it? They simply couldn’t let Carl, aka the Godfather, continue to boss them around, so they joined Kara Kay, Alison Raybould and Mike White in voting him out.

That’s what makes Gabby’s change of heart all the more confusing. In the preview video she’s apparently now ready to turn on Christian, shouting, “It’s go big or go home!” Kara, meanwhile, is dumbfounded by Gabby’s decision. “This plan blows my mind,” she says almost in disbelief. Is Gabby really going to betray her fellow nerd Christian, or is CBS throwing viewers a red herring?

With just three episodes left of this landmark 37th season, “It’s time for some love,” smiles host Jeff Probst as the eight remaining players meet up with their friends and family members at the next reward challenge. Cue the hugs and tears. As usual, this episode will definitely be “the most emotional night of the season.”

Since the final eight is composed of four Davids (Nick, Christian, Gabby, Davie) and four Goliaths (Kara, Alison, Mike, Angelina Keeley), it’s anyone’s guess who’ll be voted out next because the tribal lines have officially been blurred. Don’t forget, Nick and Christian each possess the final two hidden immunity idols still in the game, so we could be in for another shocking tribal council.

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