‘Survivor’ tie vote fallout: Domenick Abbate was robbed in ‘Ghost Island’ finale, say 64% of fans [POLL RESULTS]

Wednesday’s “Survivor: Ghost Island” season finale was one for the record books, as Domenick Abbate and Wendell Holland tied for the win at the final tribal council. In the end, non-tied finalist Laurel Johnson was given the power to cast the deciding vote and she chose Wendell, with whom she had a closer personal relationship on the island. While some of our readers are happy that Wendell joined the “Survivor” winners list, the vast majority believe that Domenick was robbed.

Based on the results from our recent poll, a whopping 64% of fans said that “Domenick played the better game and should have won.” In contrast, only 31% voted that “Wendell earned the $1 million fair and square.” The remaining 5% were noncommittal and responded that they’ll “have to think about it more.” Be sure to tell us whether YOU think Domenick was robbed by sounding off down in the comments section.

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While shocking, the tie vote between Domenick and Wendell makes sense in hindsight. They both played virtually the same game, whether it was winning immunity challenges (three for Domenick, two for Wendell), finding hidden idols, or openly discussing whom to vote out next. Because of their similar games, both men admitted they didn’t want to bring the other one to the final tribal council. However, it proved difficult to vote each other out during the game since they both wielded so much power.

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Domenick’s ultimate downfall turned out to be jury management, as he made too many jurors angry before sending them out the door. Wendell, meanwhile, was less of a polarizing figure which likely helped him become the latest “Survivor” millionaire. Laurel, Angela Perkins, Donathan Hurley, Sebastian Noel, Kellyn Bechtold and Chelsea Townsend were the six people who voted for Wendell to win, while Michael Yerger, Jenna Bowman, Desiree Afuye, Libby Vincek and Chris Noble were the five who cast their votes for Domenick.

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