‘Survivor’: Top 20 hottest guys ever, ranked worst to best — Do YOU agree with our picks?

Over the past two decades “Survivor” has given fans their fare share of eye candy, but who are the most delicious hunks of all time? Click through our photo gallery above to see our rankings of the Top 20 hottest guys ever. Do YOU agree with our picks? Below, we provide a quick tease of #20 through #11.

20. Woo Hwang (Cagayan, Cambodia) — He may have made the ultimate bad decision in the Cagayan finale by bringing Tony Vlachos to the final tribal council with him (he lost 8-1 because of it), but can you really deny that hair and the super chill, not a care in the world vibe? The answer is no, you can’t.

19. Dan Rengering (David vs. Goliath) — Dan branded himself as a go-getter, the guy that at one point in his life felt like a David but turned his life and health around to emerge as a Goliath. His values and sense of self-worth are endlessly appealing, but also he’s simply that bring home to mama boyfriend material type. Listen to our exit interview with Dan.

18. Albert Destrade (South Pacific) — Albert is probably one of the worst finalists in the history of the show, earning no votes to win after failing to prove he had followed through on any impressive moves in the game. But at the end of the day, sometimes people don’t have to win us over in all ways. Maybe they can just make us swoon for no reason at all!

17. Joaquin Souberbielle (Worlds Apart) — Joaquin was not very good at playing Survivor, like at all, but there’s something about the way he arrived on the beach that first day in a full on suit that just screams “he’s so cocky it’s actually kind of hot.”

16. John Cody (Blood vs. Water) — On paper it was pretty unattractive when John defeated his own wife in a redemption island challenge (because how great would it have been for him to concede to her like a knight in shining armor?), but after going on a huge streak to make it to the final duel we can forgive him that trespass. When all was said and done he actually remained loyal and dedicated to their cause as a couple.

15. Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins, Cambodia) — Nerds are hot. Survivor nerds are even more hot. And no one is more of a Survivor nerd than Stephen, who honestly also proves “island hot” is a real thing on Survivor because with the scruff and the caked-in dirt on his thinning face by the end of the season? Yes, please.

14. Malcolm Freberg (Philippines, Caramoan, Game Changers) — I don’t think since Colby Donaldson has any guy been so broadly well-received than Malcolm. By the end of his original season he was in an underdog alliance and then with a huge target on his back needed immunities desperately to get to the end. He fell just short then, and both times playing after, but by this point that’s all because he’s so damn likeable.

13. Ken McNickle (Millennials vs. Gen X) — On the outs of his Gen X tribe from the jump, Ken was a bit of an underdog throughout his season due to a pretty bad set of social skills. But what he lacked there he made up for in usefulness, temperament and physicality, all of which are attractive qualities in and out of the game!

12. Ibrehem Rahman (Palau) — In Palau, Ibrehem’s ally Bobby Jon Drinkard got a lot of the “aw he’s cute” attention, but Ibrehem was keeping it low key as the broad-chested physical powerhouse that the tragically unlucky Ulong tribe needed to have any hope whatsoever against the dominating Koror tribe.

11. Joe Anglim (Worlds Apart, Cambodia) — Just when you thought Ethan Zohn had the best male hair, Joe Anglim comes along and gives his own a toss. Undoubtedly one of the prettiest boys to play the game, he’s also one of the biggest overall challenge threats having gone on two different individual immunity runs (one of two, one of four) in his two seasons.

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