‘Survivor’ winners through the years: See the complete list including Wendell Holland, Richard Hatch …

Last spring Wendell Holland became the 36th winner of CBS’s reality TV show “Survivor,” joining such iconic champs as Richard Hatch (Season 1), Parvati Shallow (Season 16) and Sandra Diaz-Twine (Season 7 and 20). In all 21 men have prevailed while women have accounted for 15 victories. Click through our photo gallery above that highlights all of the past “Survivor” winners through the years. Who will be next? Make your predictions at Gold Derby right now.

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“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” premieres on September 26, 2018, once again hosted by four-time Emmy winner Jeff Probst. This 37th season features two tribes of strangers — one perceived as underdogs and one seen as giants in their fields — battling against each other in Mamanuca Islands, Fiji. This time around the castaways had to deal with Fiji’s rainy season, which no doubt made things more challenging both physically and mentally.

While all 20 players are new to “Survivor,” two of them are celebrities in their own rights: filmmaker Mike White and pro wrestler John Hennigan. Will their notoriety hurt them or help them on the island? Only time will tell. See all of the “David vs. Goliath” cast members.

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The show’s original winner, Richard Hatch, made history in 2000 when he beat Kelly Wiglesworth by a narrow 4-3 vote after a memorable tribal council in which Sue Hawk called Richard a rat and Kelly a snake. As the first-ever champ, Richard was responsible for creating the concept of alliances and treating his fellow castaways like game pieces rather than people.

Eighteen years and 35 seasons later Wendell Holland also made history, but for very different reasons. The Final 3 contestants were Wendell, Domenick Abbate and Laurel Johnson, with both men receiving 5 votes from the 10-person jury. Thus, “Survivor” fans witnessed the show’s first-ever tie. Per the rule book, when a tie occurs the third finalist then becomes a member of the jury and so Laurel chose to vote for Wendell, single-handedly making him the winner.

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