Susan Kelechi Watson (‘This is Us’): Beth Pearson is ‘not going to die!’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“When we try to tell people spoilers, they don’t believe us,” laughs “This is Us” actress Susan Kelechi Watson in her interview with Gold Derby (watch the exclusive video above). Watson has had to continually reassure fans that “there are no plans to kill” her character Beth Pearson after the second season closed with an ominous flash-forward last month. She adds, “I was really grateful that people wanted her to stay around — but also really glad that she’s not going to die.”

Beth’s appearances on “This is Us” this past season largely dealt with her and her husband Randall’s new roles as foster parents to a teenager named Deja. Highlights for Watson include the episode “A Manny-Splendored Thing,” in which “Randall and Beth are first trying to adopt,” the episode “Still There,” in which “Beth does Deja’s hair for the first time” and the episode “Vegas, Baby” in which Beth wrestles with moving on after Deja has returned to her biological mother. Production on the third season begins in July, around when Emmy nominations will be announced. If nominated for Best Drama Supporting Actress, Watson will submit one of the aforementioned three episodes to showcase her performance to voters.

Beth’s husband is played by Sterling K. Brown, who has collected the bulk of awards that “This is Us” has won, including Best Drama Actor trophies in the last year from the Emmys, Critics’ Choice, Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild. It was at that last ceremony that Watson and her co-stars won Best Drama Ensemble. She recounts the experience as “out-of-body,” gushing, “They actually called our name! We go to a lot of these parties and our name doesn’t get called. Now, that doesn’t mean that we’re not grateful; we have a great time, but this was the first time that they called us, so we jumped out of our skin. It was a great, great, great, great moment to be able to share.”

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