Swaggy C’s arrogance on ‘Big Brother 20’ ‘is an act to make up for any insecurities,’ Julie Chen says

Swaggy C and his ego walked out of the “Big Brother 20” Thursday after getting backdoored by HOH Kaitlyn. The self-nicknamed day trader’s stay was brief, but his loud personality and arrogance rubbed a lot of viewers and his fellow houseguests the wrong way. Still, Julie Chen thinks that’s all a front.

“Swaggy’s arrogance, to me, is an act to make up for any insecurities he has,” Chen told Entertainment Weekly. “It helps make him feel confident. It’s a security blanket. I think he was deeply hurt and confused and had his ego crushed getting voted out second.”

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When the cameras are off though, Swaggy is a different person, according to Chen. “Once the live interview was over he turned to give me a hug goodbye. Like a little kid,” she said. “I think underneath the swagger is a good kid looking for assurances in life.”

But that doesn’t mean Chen likes everything Swaggy does when he’s “on.” Like when he compared himself to LeBron James being down 1-3 in the NBA finals. “Swaggy was making me cringe when he compared himself to LeBron James,” she said. Chen also cringes when Kaitlyn acts “like a woman scorned whenever she sees Haleigh and Faysal getting close to one another.” But she thinks the life coach’s pity party meltdown after nominating Swaggy was genuine. “I think she’s insecure and a bit lost about who to trust in the house. She also seems to have fallen for Faysal but knows she can’t be with him.”

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And yes, Chen is still backing Tyler as the favorite for the $500,000. The surfer dude had a successful HOH the first week and was in Kaitlyn’s ear during her reign. “He has a good handle of what’s happening in the house and he has everyone feeling like he’s their friend while he secretly dictates who should be targeted and evicted,” Chen noted. “He’s also great at competitions. He’s still the one to beat!”

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