‘The Amazing Race’ fans mixed on Cody & Jessica winning, from ‘Way to go Big Brother lovebirds’ to ‘Never watching this show again’

Former “Big Brother” contestants Cody Nickson & Jessica Graf were named the winners of “The Amazing Race” Season 30 during Wednesday’s two-hour finale, and fans are decidedly mixed. Reactions from the reality TV show’s passionate fanbase range from supportive cheers to negative jeers. Are YOU happy that Cody and Jessica won the $1 million prize and will now start a family? Sound off down in the comments section after reading a sampling of fan reactions.

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Tracie Parker: “Way to go ‘Big Brother’ lovebirds!!!!!!!! I’ve been for those guys since the first day of ‘Big Brother.'”

Hk: “Never watching this show again I hate the ‘Big Brother’ couple they should have never had the chance to even be on this show.”

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Jasmine Porter: “This is redemption for them being screwed on ‘Big Brother’! Love you Jess and Cody! Whoooooooo! YES!!!!!”

Rosie: “Was not happy with ‘The Amazing Race.’ Cody and Jessica. Really. This was a crappy race.”

Dawn Mullins: “Congratulations Jess and Cody and best wishes for a fantastic future together.”

Tami: “Hate those two the biggest bullies on ‘BB’ they should be ashamed of themselves. They’re both ugly inside which makes them ugly on the outside.”

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Amanda R Destevens: “Congratulations Cody and Jessica, I knew you could do it. Yes Cody did do a lot of the work but if it wasn’t for their amazing team work and support in each other they wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did.”

Vyro: “Very disappointing ending. Jody are garbage people.”

Cody and Jessica are now the 30th winners of “The Amazing Race.” They beat out Yale couple Henry Zhang & Evan Lynyak in second place, extreme athletes Kristi Leskinen & Jen Hudak in third third place and Indy racers Alex Rossi & Conor Daly in fourth place. To see how it all went down, check out our live blog of the Season 30 finale.

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