Do ‘The Four’ fans think pop vocalist James Graham deserved to win over rapper Sharaya J? [POLL RESULTS]

When James Graham was named the Season 2 winner of “The Four” on Thursday, August 2 some fans were outraged that the assumed frontrunner, Sharaya J, lost the title. The judging panel consisting of SeanDiddyCombs, DJ Khaled and Meghan Trainor crowned James over Sharaya J after she became the first artist ever to successfully defend her seat since Episode 1. We asked our readers to settle the score once and for all by asking them “Do YOU think James deserved to win over Sharaya J, Leah Jenae and Whitney Reign?” The results are in and you agree with the panel! Read our full poll results along with some of the fiery comments left by our Derbyites below.

According to those who participated in our poll, 57% of readers believe James was deserving of the title. Sharaya J earned 33% of the vote while Leah snagged 9% and Whitney received just 1%. In the final episode, James impressed the panel and audiences alike with three stellar performances. In Round 1 he sang the classic Michael Jackson dance track “Rock With You.” In the second round he belted out a stirring rendition of Adele‘s monster ballad “Hello.” To finish off the night James hypnotized viewers with the emotional Coldplay anthem “Fix You.”

Here are what some of our readers had to say about the results of “The Four” Season 2 finale:

Ray Hoffman: “James deserved to win and he won. Get over it. Great job James.”

Zak: “Sharaya should have won hands down; not only was she undefeated throughout the whole season but also had a flawless performance record on the show that continued to get better and better.”

Chi: “The only reason James won is because the record industry is looking for their next Robin Thicke.”

BeckySueWade: “James SOOOOO deserved to win! I’m sure Megan Trainor is dying to write songs for him. His voice is utter perfection.”

Pam: “100% agree James was the right choice. The reaction of the audience kind of said it all. That said, Sharaya is a star, and I doubt very seriously Diddy is going to let her slip away. I’d be willing to bet both will be signed.”

Sistah Sledge: “Sharaya J should have won, she held her seat and never lost it, she wrote her own lyrics to every song performed and she worked her ass off to prove that she was a great performer.”

Olc: “I’ll never watch “The Four” again. Both Sharaya and Leah are better singers than boy band James. The finale was a joke.”

Becca: “James deserved the win. He showed so much artistry, versatility and talent throughout the season and I enjoyed his singing the best.”

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