The Lab took ‘World of Dance’ to school with this ‘mind-blowing’ Divisional Final performance [WATCH]

Working with props on “World of Dance” can be risky. You don’t want to ruin your chances by dropping a baton, or a hat, or a fan. But during the Division Final the Junior Team Division crew The Lab didn’t just incorporate props, they brought the whole damn classroom. They performed a routine to “Lemon” by N.E.R.D. and Rihanna, and they used desks and book bags without missing a beat — literally. It (schoolhouse) rocked. Watch their performance above.

No dance during the Divisional Final got the judges as hyped as this routine. You can tell a good score is coming when a performance ends with Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo springing to their feet like they’re in ejector seats. Ne-Yo even rushed the stage to celebrate with the swaggering youngsters. But even with all that revelry Lopez said, “They are not elated enough.”

“It was so smart, so competitive, so creative,” Hough added, still on his feet. “Everything about that was just out of this world.” Lopez thought they were “disruptive” in the best way, not to mention “mind-blowing … People who have been doing this 20 and 30 years don’t have what you have.” Guest judge Misty Copeland thought they were on “another level” compared to when she saw them in season one.

Suffice it to say their scores were good. Better than good. Ne-Yo, Lopez and Hough all gave them perfect 100s, while Copeland gave them a 99, resulting in an average of 99.8. That’s the second best score in the history of the show, and if there were no guest judge in the mix it would have been the second perfect score in the show’s history, after Charity and Andres achieved that during the Duels. Did you think they deserved that near-perfect score? And do you think they deserve to win the whole season now that they have advanced to the World Final?

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