‘The Tick’ superheroes & supervillains discuss the ‘knife-edge between satire and serious’ in Amazon comedy [WATCH]

“I think it was clear that they were really trying to find the tone and find that knife edge between satire and serious, menacing and comic,” said actor Michael Cerveris about the Amazon comedy series “The Tick,” which premiered the first six episodes of its first season in August 2017 and will premiere the last six episodes on February 23. He and his co-stars Yara Martinez were at New York Comic Con in October to discuss their respective roles as supervillains Ramses and Ms. Lint. Watch them discuss their characters above, and scroll down to see Brendan Hines and Scott Speiser open up about playing heroes Superian and Overkill.

The Tick” is based on the comic book by Ben Edlund, which was adapted into a 1990s animated series, then a short-lived 2001 live-action series, and now the Amazon adaptation, which takes a somewhat darker approach to the same exaggerated, absurdist comic-book world. So while Martinez plays an “amazing” baddie so electrified that she literally attracts dust, she also feels that the characters “come from a place of loneliness … Even though she’s a villain, the idea of missing someone, missing who you used to be with that person around, and what you thought you could be and where you actually end up in life are just really humanizing questions and qualities.”

For Hines and Speiser, it was the clothes that made the man. “You don’t have to play the comedy, the weirdness and the awkwardness of it because the suit is doing a lot of that for you, particularly for me — I am wearing underwear and a cape,” says Hines about the Superman-like Superian. But Speiser’s suit really was overkill — “just instant sweat,” he said about his excess layers of tactical gear. If nothing else it helped him get into character: by the time he was strapped in to his antihero attire he was ready to crush skulls.

Will you be watching the second half of “The Tick” season one when it premieres on February 23?

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