‘World of Dance’: The Untouchables brought great ‘Latino energy’ and gave their young leader a 2nd chance [WATCH]

“I learned that I have to train harder than ever, and you have to dance your best all the time,” said D’Angelo Castro before performing on “World of Dance” in “The Qualifiers 6.” He appeared in season one of the show with his partner Amanda, but they were eliminated from the competition. This time he returned with an army: the Latin ballroom troupe The Untouchables, representing the Junior Team Division. “Last season you only saw a taste of what I can offer, and now as a group we’re going to offer a whole new side of ballroom. Individually we’re very talented, but together we’re untouchable.” Watch their performance above, and see the judges comments below.

Jennifer Lopez: “First of all I’m getting so much joy from just looking at you in your little outfits, and just to come out here with all that Latino energy that you guys came out here with. I loved it. You have the makings of something really exciting here, really different than everybody else, and so if you guys make it through you have to push yourselves.”

Ne-Yo: “I loved the capoeira. I loved the whole Brazilian vibe. But there were times where I didn’t know where to look because there was so much happening. Energy without focus is chaos. You don’t want to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Great job.”

Derek Hough: “It almost was like war: ‘I didn’t quite make it here, so I’m going to recruit an army, and I’m going to come back, and we’re going to take the stage and win a million dollars.’ I saw Latin house, capoeira, samba, the bachacatas at the beginning — don’t think I didn’t see that. Great job.”

The Untouchables needed to average 80 points or above to advance to the next round, “The Duels,” where D’Angelo was eliminated last season. But they sailed through with relative ease, scoring 87 from Ne-Yo, 89 from Lopez, and 90 from Hough, giving them an average of 88.7. So far D’Angelo is making the most of his second chance on the dance floor.

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