‘The Voice’ battle rounds: Britton Buchanan & Jaclyn Lovey perform ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ but who gets stolen? [WATCH]

Monday night on “The Voice,” Britton Buchanan and Jaclyn Lovey performed Ed Sheeran‘s “Thinking Out Loud” for Team Alicia Keys during the third battle round episode of Season 14. Both teenage singers gave it their best, but Alicia ultimately chose to save Britton. However, Blake Shelton made the bold move of stealing Jaclyn for his team on the reality TV singing competition. Do YOU think coach Alicia made the right decision? Watch “The Voice” performance video above.

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“I am so proud of both of you,” noted Alicia after their stellar performance. “Britton, you are only 18 years old but you have such a lived-in voice. I think that’s something that’s just so powerful. You were far better than ever any rehearsal today, which means that under pressure you become even better. And Jaclyn, I am a fan of your voice. You make people feel that there’s a sweetness in the world that sometimes I think we forget even exists, and you look stunning. The winner of this battle is Britton.”

Before Jaclyn could leave the stage, Blake pressed his button to steal her for his team. “You’re not leaving here, Jaclyn!” he shouted over the screams of the audience. “She does remind me of like a young Cher, and what I mean by that is the workhorse up there, the person that is singing all that upper stuff. Jaclyn is freaking awesome. There’s no way she’s going home.”

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In his recap of “The Voice,” our live-blogger John Benutty wrote, “The goal for their battle is to get to a point where they’re owning the stage and reaching their potential. At the start of their performance, both artists received cheers from the crowd that I think fed them the last bit of strength they needed to settle into their own on stage because from that point on they performed well beyond their years.”

Blind auditions aired for the first six episodes of “The Voice” Season 14, with the battle rounds currently taking place on NBC. Tell us what you think of this season so far by sounding off down in the comments section. See the full list of “The Voice” past winners. “The Voice” has won the Emmy for Best Reality-Competition Program for four of the past five years (2013, 2015-17).

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