‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds Night 2: Which coach has the best team from top to bottom? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

Now that the teams are assembled for Season 15 of “The Voice,” which coach do you think has the best group of artists from top to bottom? Is it reigning champ Kelly Clarkson, now returning for her second season? Could it be Oscar champion Jennifer Hudson, who is also on her second cycle after taking last spring off? How about six-time coaching winner Blake Shelton or three-time champ Adam Levine?

As we’ve done for several seasons, we’ve got extensive coverage of every episode of the Emmy-winning program on NBC. Follow along with our live updating blog below and make your own comments about the best and worst performances.

As the Battle Rounds continue, each coach has a special advisor assisting with musical advice and song selections. Those people this season are CeeLo Green for Team Adam, Thomas Rhett for Team Kelly, Halsey for Team Jennifer and Keith Urban for Team Blake.

If you’re a little behind on this fall’s episodes, you can catch up with our previous analysis by clicking any of the following links for blind auditions: Monday, October 24, Tuesday, October 25, Monday, October 1, Tuesday, October 2, Monday, October 8, Tuesday, October 9 and Monday, October 15.

And now enjoy our live updating recap for Tuesday, October 16 below:

8:00 p.m. – Tonight the jaw-dropping Battles continue! The artists will be pushed to work harder, the rehearsals will be more intense and the coaches will be forced to make some of the most difficult choices in “Voice” history. Let’s go!

8:05 p.m. – Kicking things off for Team Kelly is Kimberli Joy vs. OneUp. Kelly was shocked when these artists chose her as their coach so it’s anyone’s guess why she is willing to lose one of these formidable acts. Kimberli is a soulful powerhouse and OneUp is the only duo in the competition. They’re competing against each other on song “Mercy” by Shawn Mendez. In rehearsals Kelly called their voices coming together “one of the greatest things I’ve witnessed. Insane.” Rhett called it “perfect.”

8:12 p.m. – Kimberli began the performance before OneUp joined in with harmony. The three voices blend nicely together before each act shows off their individual skills. They all sound great. Kimberli is fierce but OneUp has outstanding charisma. I’d give the slight edge to OneUp but Kelly can’t go wrong here. Whoever loses deserves a steal.

8:15 p.m. – Adam said it was a tough call and no decision will surprise him. Blake thought OneUp had the edge for the first half of the song, but Kimberli stole the end. He can’t make a decision either. Jennifer thinks they should combine forces as a trio. Kelly loves the passion of all three of them, but she has to make choice. Moving forward on Team Kelly is…Kimberli! Kelly has been dying to work with someone with Kimberli’s range. Unfortunately OneUp was eliminated. Tragic! They would have been a perfect fit for Team Jennifer, but with only one steal the coaches have to be picky.

8:25 p.m. – Tonight’s second battle pits Team Adam’s Anthony Arya against Steve Memmolo. They’ll be performing “Amy” by Pure Prairie League. Anthony actually sang this in an eighth grade talent contest, but Steve seems to be the more polished vocalist. In rehearsal, Adam said they need to clean up the choruses while Cee-Lo suggested they connect with someone in the audience as their “Amy.”

8:27 p.m. – After watching five minutes of their rehearsals, for some reason we were only shown about half of the performance. It seemed pretty equal and uninspiring so perhaps that’s why. Jennifer thought both did great, but is impressed that Anthony is just 15 years old. Blake thought Steve was the one who stepped up to the plate and he would be Blake’s choice. But it’s Adam’s opinion that matters. Moving forward on Team Adam is…Steve! Adam felt Steve was more ready and the cleaner vocalist. But we have a STEAL! I’m shocked to see Jennifer steal Anthony (especially over OneUp) but his age and potential intrigue her.

8:30 p.m. – Next up on Team Adam are Jarred Matthew and Tyke James. Unfortunately they were severely edited down and we didn’t get to see much of their performance at all. They sang “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel and it was Tyke who came out on top while Jarred was sent packing.

8:35 p.m. – Team Blake’s Chris Kroeze and Mercedes Ferreira-Dias are the next duo to face off. They’re battling it out with the song “Back in the High Life Again” by Steve Winwood. Blake thought the song fit them both because it’s got a bluesy-pop vibe. Keith appears to be the best guest coach and perhaps it’s due to his experience on “American Idol.”

8:40 p.m. – We get right into the performance, where the duo seems to be harmonizing beautifully together. Once again we only see a brief snippet though, which is a bit frustrating. Jennifer continues to have no opinion and felt they were “equally great.” Adam was equally worthless in his critique. Choose a side! Finally, Blake was forced to have an opinion and chose Chris as the winner of this battle! Blake said Chris can sing up in the rafters with almost any female vocalist on this show. Sadly, Mercedes was eliminated.

8:45 p.m. – We quickly move to Team Blake’s next battle: Katrina Cain vs. Rachel Messer. The electro-pop artist and the yodeler will compete with Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.” During their performance Katrina’s voice soared, while Rachel’s understated delicateness seemed to be overshadowed. The winner of the battle was Katrina! Rachel was eliminated.

8:50 p.m. – Tonight’s final battle of the night is Team Jennifer’s Mike Parker vs. Natasia GreyCloud. Mike barely made it through the audition and appears determined to step things up. Natasia was more of the standout in the blinds, so let’s see how this plays out. They’re singing “Gravity” by John Mayer because Jennifer wants to draw the “soul” out of both of them. Halsey said Natasia doesn’t know her own potential. That being said, Halsey couldn’t keep her eyes off of Mike, regardless of how simplistic his vocals were.

8:55 p.m. – Luckily, we will be able to see this battle in its entirety, as it seems to be the most anticipated of the night. Mike begins the song and has a nice, clear tone. Natasia seamlessly joins in with some harmony before taking over. Kelly leaps to her feet as Natasia shows off her range. This is definitely the duo of the night! Natasia’s vocals are soaring and Mike is so much more relaxed than he was during his audition. He’s got the star quality. Who will Jennifer choose? And who will be stolen?

8:59 p.m. – “You’re so screwed!” Kelly screamed at Jennifer. She loves Natasia’s head voice and thought Mike looked like a star. Kelly couldn’t choose sides (can any of them?). Adam felt Natasia’s vocals brought the song to life, but Blake thought Mike was the surprise of the night. Jennifer thinks they both bring something different to the table and this is a tough choice. Finally, Jennifer decides to go with “strategy” and chooses Mike as the winner! She felt Mike stepped his game up and she wants to continue to bring out his potential. Within moments, Kelly delicately pushes her Steal button. I think Natasia will be a great fit for Team Kelly. That’s a wrap for Tuesday night!

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