Final ‘The Voice’ knockout of Season 15 ends with Blake Shelton’s coin flip: Did it choose Michael Lee or Chris Kroeze?

During Monday’s episode of “The Voice,” Blake Shelton paired up Michael Lee and Chris Kroeze in the final knockout round of Season 15. Michael sang The Allman Brothers Band‘s “Whipping Post” in front of the four reality TV coaches while Chris blew the roof off of Cam‘s “Burning House.” Since Blake still had a “Save” left in his arsenal he knew both artists would be making it to the live playoffs, so he decided to try something fun by letting a coin flip decide who got picked first. Since the coin chose Michael, Blake then immediately saved Chris. Read the coaches’ comments below.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Blake told his two aspiring artists. “This is what you hope for when you sign up to be a coach — people that are already good that make you look super smart. There’s probably been a lot of dues paid already with you two: the gigs, the traveling, the vans and it led you here and I’m glad. Chris, your voice is ridiculous, that you can sing so high with such power. Michael, you don’t look like you’re gonna sound like that, it’s unbelievable. And just to prove that I’m a fan of both of you …” Blake then pulled out a coin and flipped it in the air.

Backstage the coin flip winner Michael declared, “I feel great. This is crazy. This literally is like a dream come true. I’m grateful to Blake for having me and giving me this shot to show what I can do. I feel like a major change is coming in my life.” Meanwhile, Chris beamed excitedly, “It doesn’t feel like I lost. It feels like we both won.”

In his “The Voice” live blog, our recapper John Benutty had this to say about the knockout: “Chris delivered a really beautiful rendition of his song, finding the pocket of the vocal and pulling the studio audience in with every line. It was a much, much quieter performance than the one Michael gave, but no less powerful. Michael showed a ton of grit in his vocal, channeling raw passion for the music that had Kelly cheering on her feet and Jennifer waving her card in the air.”

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