‘The Voice’ power rankings: Top 11 artists from best to worst for Season 15

After Tuesday night’s live elimination of Tyke James and Sandyredd, the Top 11 artists are left to compete for the Season 15 title on “The Voice.” Coach Kelly Clarkson was able to hold together her entire four-person team and Blake Shelton did the same for his three artists. Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson are down to two singers each.

Next Monday, November 26, “The Voice” Top 11 will once again perform for audience votes. On Tuesday, nine artists will be automatically declared safe based on votes and iTunes streaming/sales while the other two will compete for the Instant Save by singing another song for a chance at being saved by live Twitter vote.

Below we rank the 11 artists based on our impressions of their performances so far this season as well as the likelihood that they’ll be one of only four to make it to the season finale. Each coach’s team is led by a clear front-runner, but all four coaches rarely send an artist each to the finale. So how will this season shake down now that we’re in the final stretch of the competition?

See our ranking below, then let us know in the comments if you think we’re calling this race correctly!

1. Kirk Jay – Team Blake
(Blinds: “Bless the Broken Road”; Battle: “Let It Rain”; Knockout: “In Case You Didn’t Know”; Playoffs: “One More Day”; Top 13: “I’m Already There”)
Kirk jumps to the top of our leader board this week after his stirring performance of “I’m Already There,” which became the first Top 10 iTunes hit of Season 15 and induced mass fits off sobbing nationwide. The country singer from Alabama effortlessly tugs at the heartstrings of America each time he sings. Kirk is unlike anything we’ve seen before on “The Voice” and people are taking notice. Fans of both country and soul music are in love with this guy. If Kirk winds up in the finale with three teenage girls splitting up each other’s votes, he’ll win in a landslide.

2. Reagan Strange – Team Adam
(Blinds: “Meant to Be”; Battle: “Photograph”; Knockout: “Dancing on My Own”; Playoffs: “Worth It”; Top 13: “You Say”)
Reagan drops (just barely) to number two this week after yet another consistent performance in the Top 13. She proved she’s worthy of closing out the show with “You Say,” which ended with all four coaches on their feet and made her the most streamed artist of the night. There’s no question this 14-year old has the potential to win and should sail straight through to the finale. Reagan looks like a goofball behind the scenes and transforms to a mature, charismatic performer on stage. Viewers love to see that personality and this young woman has the “IT” factor like no other.

3. Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly
(Blinds: “If I Die Young”; Battle: “You Look So Good in Love”; Knockout: “Travelin’ Solider”; Playoffs: “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ol’ Days)”; Top 13: “Little White Church”)
Chevel earns a bump to the third spot this week after her wickedly sassy rendition of “Little White Church.” The audience reaction to that performance was so strong I honestly considered ranking her even higher. Her chart performance on iTunes wasn’t quite as strong as some others, though, and this was really her first standout performance. If Chevel can keep this momentum going she could be one artist ready to stage an upset.

4. Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer
(Blinds: “Turning Tables”; Battle: “Battlefield”; Knockout: “What About Us”; Playoffs: “Halo”; Top 13: “Wind Beneath My Wings”)
Kennedy continues to fall this week after being deemed the early front-runner by so many. She is only 13-years old and mature beyond her years, but she hasn’t really delivered that “wow” performance she needs. Time is on her side and I think viewers are still rooting for her if she can put everything together with the right song choice. Whatever happens, this beautiful young woman seems poised for a career in show business. Talk about a star!

5. Chris Kroeze – Team Blake
(Blinds: “Pride and Joy”; Battle: “Back in the High Life Again”; Knockout: “Burning House”; Playoffs: “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”; Top 13: “Let it Be”)
Chris’ stock rose this week when his performance of “Let it Be” proved to be a winner with viewers, landing him among the top 5 “Voice” artists on iTunes. I haven’t been thrilled with any of his performances, but he’s clearly appealing to a large demographic. Sure the country/rock genre that once dominated this series has seemed to diminish in recent years, but the fan base is still strong enough to hold him over for a few weeks.

6. MaKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer
(Blinds: “Big White Room”; Battle: “Always Be My Baby”; Knockout: “How Deep Is Your Love”; Playoffs: “I Believe in You and Me”; Top 13: “I Am Changing”)
MaKenzie has made bold song choices throughout the weeks and I’m starting to feel like she’s lost track of what people loved about her. She’s got a gorgeous natural tone, a ridiculous arsenal of vocal runs and tremendous range. But in the past two weeks she has veered off track believing she needs to become a powerhouse in this competition, taking on Whitney Houston and her own coach, Jennifer, to average results. If MaKenzie tones it down and remembers why everyone fell in love with her she could still make a run to the finale.

7. DeAndre Nico – Team Adam
(Blinds: “When I Was Your Man”‘ Battle: “Can You Stand the Rain”; Knockout: “Wanted”; Playoffs: “Ordinary People”; Top 13: “I Can Only Imagine”)
DeAndre drops a couple of places this week simply because his performance wasn’t that memorable. He was eighth among “Voice” contestants on the iTunes chart but I’m not sure the audience is connecting with him. If DeAndre wants to rise up the ranks he needs to make smarter song choices and sing his face off like we know he can.

8. Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly
(Blinds: “Run to You”; Battle: “Mercy”; Knockout: “The Middle”; Playoffs: “Radioactive”; Top 13: “Diamonds”)
Similar to DeAndre, Kymberli has delivered vocally each week but hasn’t really lived up to her blind audition of “Run to You.” I’m not sure where the disconnect is with her, but I think she has struggled to choose songs she really connects with. We’ve heard a 25-year old pop ballad, a rock anthem and a contemporary R&B hit. I’m not sure she has enough mainstream appeal to go deep in this competition and I’m not even sure what type of album she wants to record.

9. Sarah Grace – Team Kelly
(Blinds: “Ball and Chain”; Battle: “No Roots”; Knockout: “I’d Rather Go Blind”; Playoffs: “When Something Is Wrong with My Baby”; Top 13: “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”)
Sarah holds her place in the bottom third of the pack after her performance of “Yellow Brick Road.” I actually think she stepped her game up this week, but others did as well and she didn’t do enough to overtake any front-runners. This season is just too crowded with like-minded artists for her to stand out. There are three other teenage girls and even MaKenzie is only 20. Sarah’s star power hasn’t matched theirs yet.

10. Lynnea Moorer – Team Kelly
(Blinds: “Location”; Comeback Battle: “My My My!”; Comeback Knockout: “In My Blood”; Playoffs: “Boo’d Up”; Top 13: “Wolves”)
Yea, Lynnea barely survived to this point after turning zero chairs in the Blind Auditions and then having to beat out Tyke and Sandyredd for the Twitter save, but clearly this girl is a survivor. There’s something so sweet and innocent, yet sexy about her. Kelly promised fans they had “something special” planned for next week if they saved Lynnea so I’ll hold her to her word and predict “the comeback kid” will survive another week.

11. Dave Fenley – Team Blake
(Blinds: “Help Me Hold On”; Battle: “I’m a One-Woman Man”; Knockout: “Stuck on You”; Top 13: “Hard to Love”)
To be perfectly honest Dave is a total snooze-fest. I’ve liked a couple of his song choices but we have seen this character a hundred times on “The Voice.” He hasn’t had a single stand-out moment and he doesn’t appear to have the hunger to win that the other contestants do. It’s time for Dave’s swan song.

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