‘The Voice’ Season 14: Should new block twist be ‘blocked’ because it’s unfair to the artists? [POLL]

Season 14 of “The Voice” threw a new twist at the coaches — Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys — by allowing each of them one opportunity to block another from getting an artist to join their team. So far Levine, Shelton and Keys have all used their blocks, meaning Clarkson is the only coach still with her block in play as we head into the final week of blind auditions. What do YOU think of the controversial block twist? Vote now in our poll below.

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“Do you see what these fools did?” Clarkson asked Latin artist Johnny Bliss during Monday’s blind auditions after learning she’d been blocked by Levine. “It’s red, I’m blocked! It’s wrong. I can’t believe I’m looking at this ‘blocked,’ Adam!”

“I blocked Kelly,” Levine explained to Bliss. “I just want you to know, the second I heard you sing, I thought, ‘Okay, who’s gonna stand in my way of this?’ If I could block everybody, I would have. I think that you have the voice that can go all the way here.”

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While it’s fun for viewers to watch all of the drama that comes from these blocks, the twist is also having a potentially negative effect on NBC’s reality TV show. By keeping certain artists from getting the chance to choose which mentor they want to work with, doesn’t that ruin the spirit and fairness of “The Voice”?

For example, Clarkson could have helped Bliss by tapping into his Latin music roots, but because of the block he’s now on Team Alicia. The other two artists to be affected by blocks were Britton Buchanan (Shelton blocked Levine, so Britton ended up on Team Alicia) and Justin Kilgore (Keys blocked Shelton, so Kilgore ended up on Team Kelly).

Here is what “Voice” fans like you have been saying about the new block twist on Season 14:

Lydia: “Nice changes with the blocked button. I think this season will be great.”

Denise: “I think it’s a disadvantage to the contestant. Is it just me?”

Yvonne Fisher: “I really don’t like the Block; it penalizes the contestant. There is already far too much emphasis on the coaches; their incessant petty arguments are tiresome if not boring.”

Peg: “Hate the block. It is turning the show into a game among the coaches. It is unfair to the contestants and it focuses more on the coaches than the contestants. Shame on the people who thought this was a good idea.”

Patricia: “They may think they are hurting Blake with the block, but what they are doing is making the singers not pick who they really want.”

Patty Harlow: “I love Kelly! But I also do not like the idea of the block. An artist may really want a certain coach and because of the block they cannot get them. Not fair to the contestants.”

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