‘The Voice’ Season 14 power rankings: Tuesday’s Night 2 of the battle round performances from best to worst

The March 20 episode of “The Voice” was the second of four devoted to the battle round of the competition. Each of the four coaches — rookie Kelly Clarkson, the returning Alicia Keys and veterans Adam Levine and Blake Shelton —  must pit pairs of their artists against each other in sing-offs. One from each duet will move on to the knockout round while the other is up for grabs. Each coach has two such steals, which means that 32 of the 48 artists will make it through these battles.

While Monday’s show had run for two hours, the March 20 episode was only an hour long. That meant that we only saw three of the six sing-offs in full. Not surprisingly, when we asked which of the battles was best, the three that were little seen ranked at the bottom of the poll results. The three that were screened in full all merited about the same amount of support as detailed below.

If you haven’t cast your ballot yet, be sure to do so at the bottom of this post and then sound off in the comments section with your thoughts on our power rankings of these performances ranked from best to worst.

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Team Kelly Clarkson: Jorge Eduardo vs. Amber Sauer – “Starving”: 28%
Clarkson paired up these two as she believes them to be her most passionate artists and had them sing Steinfeld’s hit “Starving.” Eduardo asked to sing some of the lyrics to Spanish and Sauer agreed. He had the edge at the start by also playing the guitar but Sauer soon let loose with some powerhouse singing. While Keys and Levine called if for Eduardo, Shelton said Sauer was better. However, after Clarkson declared Eduardo the winner, Shelton did not sent Sauer a lifeline.

Team Adam Levine: Davison vs. Reid Umstattd – “Love on the Brain”: 29%
Levine has pitted this soul singer and rocker on Rihanna‘s hit song “Love on the Brain.” In the sing-off, Umstattd surprised everyone with his rollicking performance but Davison soon had everyone’s attention with his complex runs. The other coaches were conflicted as to who was the better singer and in the end Levine went with his gut and chose Umstattd. With the others opting not to use a steal, Davison was done in the competition.

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Team Blake Shelton: Bransen Ireland vs. Jaron Strom: “Head Over Boots” : 7%
Shelton had these two sing Jon Pardi‘s self-penned #1 hit “Head Over Boots.” We didn’t see the full performance but know that he went with Strom and that the other coaches took a pass on Ireland.

Team Alicia Keys: Johnny Bliss vs. Megan Lee: “Versace on the Floor”: 8%
Keys had these two artists pair up on a duet of the Bruno Mars R&B track “Versace on the Floor.” Again, we only saw fleeting snippets of their battle. After Keys declared Bliss the winner, Lee was hoping that one of the other coaches would steal her for their team but it was not meant to be.

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Team Kelly Clarkson: Teana Boston vs. Jamella: “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”: 6%
Clarkson chose this landmark 1960 song by the Sherelles, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” which was the first number one for an all-black girl group. Once more, we only saw tantalizing segments of the sing-off. After Clarkson opted to keep Jamella, Boston was sent packing when none of the other coaches gave her a second chance.

Team Alicia Keys: Kelsea Johnson vs. Jordyn Simone: “Don’t Let Go”: 22%
For the final battle of the evening, Keys has her two most powerful singers in a showdown on the En Vogue track “Don’t Let Go.” Keys counseled them both to hold back something for the end of the song and they certainly heed her advice. The other coaches raved about both performances. After Keys opted for Johnson, Clarkson and Levine both wanted to steal Simone. She decided to go with Levine who had been more enthusiastic about her singing in his critique of the battle.

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