‘The Walking Dead’ death watch: 42% of fans think Simon is doomed, while 14% say Maggie [POLL RESULTS]

We recently asked our readers which “The Walking Dead” character wouldn’t survive Season 8, and fans have responded loud and clear.

A whopping 42% of respondents believe that Steven Ogg’s Simon is about to meet his maker. A chief lieutenant to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Simon has benefited from increased screen time and character development in Season 8. But the focus on his character foretells doom in the eyes of Gold Derby readers. Simon recently led a coup against Negan, leaving the leader for dead and wresting control of The Saviors for himself. Simon survived the lethal battle at Hilltop Colony, but if Negan finds him before the season ends, he may not be so lucky.

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After a wide gap in votes, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) ranks second on our death watch list at 14%. Though Cohan has been a standout this season, her new TV pilot for ABC’s “Whiskey Cavalier” clearly has some fans worried. AMC could still bring the actress back in some capacity next season, but if a contract agreement cannot be reached, they may have chosen to film a hasty exit for the star instead. Cross your fingers for an amicable resolution, as the zombie apocalypse needs more Maggie Rhee!

Just behind Maggie is her nemesis Gregory (Xander Berkeley) with 12% of the vote. Gregory has received the lion’s share of votes on previous death watch polls, but this weasel keeps outsmarting death. Poll takers were clearly more cautious in backing his demise this round after being burned before. Still, the fact that many Savior prisoners chose to stay behind and defend Hilltop while the community’s former leader chose to jump ship won’t sit well with Maggie. Or any of his people for that matter.

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Ten percent of voters believe that Tara (Alanna Masterson) is on borrowed time. A wound from infected weaponry or her feud with Daryl (Norman Reedus) could be the potential harbingers of death for this hardened survivor. The traitorous Eugene (Josh McDermitt) garnered 8% of votes for turning his back on his friends, while 7% of fans picked King Ezekiel (Khary Payton).

Only 4% of respondents thought someone not listed in our poll would die before the finale, signaling that fans aren’t too worried over the fates of characters not listed here. That’s good news for the likes of Carol (Melissa McBride) and Aaron (Ross Marquand), who have come close to death this season. Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) is also fairly safe according to our readers. The junkyard queen only received 3% of votes, so most fans are confident she will survive her encounter with Negan.

With three episodes left before the Season 8 finale, death is surely lurking in the shadows for at least one of these characters. Tune in to Episode 14 “Still Gotta Mean Something” this Sunday to see if our readers’ pick Simon survives another day. And continue to make your voice heard in our poll below.

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