‘The Walking Dead’: Who do YOU think Negan found by the roadside? [POLL]

The Walking Dead” ended Sunday’s episode “Still Gotta Mean Something” with a cruel cliffhanger. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is on his way back to The Sanctuary to let his men know that he isn’t dead when something in the road makes him put on the brakes. He spots a familiar face and opens his door to give the figure a lift.

The camera doesn’t allow the viewer any glimpse of the strange subject. But given that Negan later tells the guard at The Sanctuary that he has some big surprises to roll out, it’s safe to assume that whoever hops in the passenger seat spills some major tea or proves an asset to his war effort. Based on the evidence, there’s only a few characters who could fill this mysterious role. Read through the most likely candidates below and let us know who you think stepped in Negan’s car in our poll below.

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Gregory – In an installment largely dedicated to tying up loose ends of the Hilltop battle, Gregory (Xander Berkeley) is the only person to flee the scene who isn’t heard from during Episode 14. A team up with Negan would be the perfect way for this smarmy rat to protect himself from Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) wrath. However, Gregory wasn’t able to uphold his end of the bargain during his last effort to consolidate power with Negan. That begs the question as to whether he would be pleased to find this weasel on the side of the road. If a team up isn’t in store, Negan could always offer up Gregory to Maggie as a peace offering (Someone’s gotta kill that guy, right?)

Sherry – We’ve already heard several mentions of Sherry (Christine Evangelista) this season. Dwight’s (Austin Amelio) ex-wife escaped The Sanctuary last season and fled into the wilderness. Since “The Walking Dead” isn’t a series to leave dangling threads (hell, they even brought back Season 1’s Morales) and her mentions have been quite conspicuous, it’s clear the writers are telegraphing her return. If Negan found her on the road, it would throw a major wrench into Dwight’s plans. With Sherry’s life in the balance, the double agent would no doubt realign with Negan to keep his love safe.

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Laura – To jog your memory: Laura (Lindsley Register) is the Savior who discovered Dwight’s double cross. She is none too happy when she witnesses Dwight gunning down other Saviors and shoots him in the arm, but she flees into the woods before the Alexandrians can kill her. Dwight encounters a group of Saviors who mention that Laura hasn’t been heard from since the Alexandria attack, much to his relief. So it would be quite ironic if Negan made his grand return to The Sanctuary with Laura in tow. As the only Savior who knows about Dwight’s true intentions, she could immediately out him as the mole. Negan did say he had secrets to unleash, and that would be a doozy.

Heath – You’re forgiven if you forgot Heath (Corey Hawkins) even existed. An on-set injury sidelined Hawkins from filming several intended sequences in Season 6. The actor then booked the lead in the short lived “24: Legacy” and lined up a Broadway stint in “Six Degrees of Separation,” so writers only included him in one episode of Season 7 to write his character out of the narrative for the time being. That episode, “Swear,” saw Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Heath become separated on a supply run when a bridge became overrun with walkers. Tara found Oceanside during the bottle episode, but when she returned to the bridge Heath was missing. Showrunners have promised Heath will return, so perhaps they’re using Negan to bring him back into the fold.

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