Did ‘The X-Files’ just set up Gillian Anderson’s exit with Scully’s ‘leap of faith’ whisper to Mulder?

Did “The X-Files” just set up Gillian Anderson‘s exit from the show she’s starred on for 11 seasons as FBI Agent Dana Scully? At the end of Wednesday’s episode, titled “Nothing Lasts Forever,” Scully whispered something to David Duchovny‘s Fox Mulder while praying in a church. “That’s my leap of faith forward,” she told him after whispering the ominous comment into his ear. “And I’d like to do it together.”

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Mulder at first appeared caught off-guard by her words, then finally replied, “I’ve always wondered how this was gonna end.” As “Nothing Lasts Forever” was the last episode before next week’s Season 11 finale, it only makes sense that whatever Scully whispered to Mulder will be important to Scully’s endgame on the long-running series.

Earlier in the church scene Mulder had told her, “Reason and faith and harmony, isn’t that why we’re so good together?” Scully smiled and responded, “Are we together? You know, I believed I could protect our son, and I failed. I believed that we could live together, and I fled. I gave up on that, too.”

“If only you fled earlier,” Mulder said. “You know how many times I’ve envisioned that scenario, where you left that basement office before I een needed glasses? You have your health, dog, your sister. You’d be Kersh’s boss at the FBI and be married to some brain surgeon and have a bunch of kids that you wouldn’t have to give up.”

“Nothing Lasts Forever” was written by Karen Nielsen and directed by James Wong. Next week’s highly anticipated March 21 finale, titled “My Struggle IV,” is written and directed by showrunner Chris Carter. What do YOU think Scully whispered to Mulder? Give us your fan theories down in the comments section. Gillian Anderson won an Emmy for playing Scully in 1997.

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