‘The X-Files’: Eugene Victor Tooms squeezes past Flukeman and Mrs. Peacock as readers’ favorite monster [POLL RESULTS]

In our recent poll that asked Gold Derby readers to name their favorite “The X-Files” monster of all time, genetic mutant Eugene Victor Tooms squeezed past his competition to come out on top. Tooms had the frightening ability to contort his body into the tightest of spaces, a power he used every 30 years to murder people and eat their livers. Because of his popularity, this classic monster was one of the rare villains to get two episodes devoted to him: “Squeeze” and “Tooms,” both in Season 1.

Portrayed by Doug Hutchison, Tooms was posing as a dog catcher in 1993 when FBI Agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) first encountered him. Tooms stole special tokens from each person he killed, so when Mulder found Scully’s necklace in Tooms’ nest he knew that she was his next victim. Mulder was able to save Scully in the nick of time, and Tooms was submitted to psychiatric care. Months later, Tooms escaped and tried to continue his killing spree until the FBI agents killed him by squishing him underneath an escalator.

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Rounding out the poll results of our readers’ favorite “The X-Files” monsters, Flukeman and Mrs. Peacock tied for second place with 18% apiece, followed by Leonard Betts at 10%, Lanny’s conjoined twin Leonard at 9%, Phyllis Paddock at 6%, The Great Mutato at 4%, and Rob Roberts at 3%. Did we neglect to list YOUR favorite monster? Then sound off with your choice down in the comments section.

“The X-Files” returned to Fox last week with a controversial episode in which the paternity of Scully’s son William was finally revealed. Read our Top 4 moments from the season premiere, and then watch our editors’ video recap. While the Season 11 opener didn’t feature any monsters, we hope that at least one of the remaining nine episodes will scare our pants off with a new baddie.

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