‘The X-Files’ episode 3 video recap: What did we think about the Mulder and Scully romance in ‘Plus One’? [WATCH]

The 11th season of “The X-Files” continued Wednesday night on Fox with a well-received stand-alone episode titled “Plus One.” After a spate of violent crimes against victims that apparently were being stalked and murdered by their doppelgängers, Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate the Poundstone twins (Karin Konoval), who are playing a deadly telepathic Hangman game to target the next victims. The episode also sees our favorite special agents become more intimate than ever, with glimpses of the more romantic side of their relationship.

What did we think of the episode overall? In our new video recap (watch above), senior editors Marcus James DixonRob Licuria and Daniel Montgomery dish the highs and lows of Season 11, Episode 3, written by creator Chris Carter and directed by Kevin Hooks.

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“I want the mysterious, the investigative, the suggestive eeriness that ‘The X-Files’ used to have instead of this action hero ’24’ kind of stuff,” Montgomery declares. “This episode felt like it went back to that core of the show with ambiguity and mystery and its penchant for telling these small stories with these standout guest stars who we have here playing a dual role impressively. It felt like minor ‘X-Files’ in terms of the larger canon, but it felt very much in the spirit of the show and I have really been wanting to see that.”

Dixon was more interested in reactions to the romantic side to the episode. “I think at the end of the day this episode will be remembered for the Mulder and Scully cuddle session they had in bed in the hotel,” he says. “I know fans are already freaking out over that because very rarely does [‘The X-Files’] show these two together.”

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“It feels a little incestuous to me,” Montgomery noted, with Licuria agreeing that it felt a little off. “I have to admit, I did have that reaction,” he says. “When they were both in the bed, and the ‘X-Files’ theme, or a version of it played in the background, it made me smile and I thought ‘this is cute,’ but I felt slightly dirty.”

Licuria adds, “But I can understand why a lot of people who want Mulder and Scully to be romantically involved were probably celebrating when they finally saw that.” What did YOU think of “Plus One”? Be sure to sound off down in the comments section.

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