‘The X-Files’ episode 1 video recap: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are back, but we’re mixed on that CSM twist [WATCH]

The revival of the blockbuster sci-fi classic “The X-Files” returned on Wednesday night (read our recap), almost two years after the show’s rebooted 10th season finale. While fans worldwide are once again captivated by its addictive mix of spectacle and intrigue, Gold Derby is presenting weekly video recaps with our editors to break down the labyrinthine storylines and plot twists involving our favorite FBI agents, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). This week senior editors Marcus James DixonRob Licuria and Daniel Montgomery dish the highs and lows of the season premiere “My Struggle III,” written and directed by creator Chris Carter (watch above).

This season picks up right where we left off last year as we find out that the events of last season’s finale were just Scully’s ominous apocalyptic vision of a deadly outbreak of a virus that threatened to end humanity. The episode introduces new conspiracies and drops a couple of huge reveals, which culminated in an overall exciting start to the season. As for the new twists, our editors are mixed on what we thought of the Cigarette-Smoking Man’s (William B. Davis) admission that he’s actually the father of Scully’s son William.

“I’m so happy the show is back,” Dixon proclaims. “I’m really happy about it as well,” Licuria agrees. “When I started watching it, the first thing that occurred to me was that it is really nice to have these characters back in my life,” he says. “It’s just nice to have them all back in my life and I feel like a kid again, because that’s what ‘The X-Files’ ultimately means to me.”

“I love having the show back, in the sense that I love this show and these characters,” Montgomery notes. “In its current form, it would be nice to see a few changes in direction, but it is always nice to see Scully and Mulder, and even Skinner, I’ve always liked Skinner,” he adds about FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner, played by Mitch Pileggi.

For Dixon, he was even more excited about seeing the return of the nefarious fan favorite villain, the CSM. “It’s criminal that [Davis] has never received an Emmy nomination for this show. Maybe this time, as he had a lot of screen time in the premiere.” See our photo gallery of “The X-Files” monsters down below.

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