Trailer park comedian Vicki Barbolak strips down to her bathing suit during ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finals [WATCH]

Trailer park comedian Vicki Barbolak made her last ditch effort to woo voters during Tuesday night’s “America’s Got Talent” Finals by stripping down to her bathing suit on live television. Vicki’s set list contained the normal jokes about her own looks before moving on to a new restaurant she wants to open in the vein of Hooters called Woodpeckers. Will Vicki be named the winner of “AGT” 2018? Watch the “Americas Got Talent” performance video above, read the judges’ comments below, and then make your predictions before Wednesday’s Season 13 finale.

Heidi Klum: “Vicki, I love everything about you. You are hilarious. And by the way, I do love this Woodpecker idea. I would definitely be coming to a Woodpecker, because there’s nothing that I love more than a big, fan German sausage.”

Simon Cowell: “Well, I was gonna ask what are Hooters, but I think I’ve just worked it out. I’m English, but whatever. Can I tell you something? Tonight you were brilliant. Your clips are brilliant. And if any television producer is watching this and wants to make the alternative to the Kardashians, that’s the show. But I am a TV producer. This whole community, these friends of hers, they’re hilarious. You’re brilliant.”

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Mel B: “Well, I think maybe we’re no longer a family show right now, today. I can’t actually believe how you twisted it and got away with it and you made it still funny and still edgy and still acceptable — it’s still a family show. But I get your sense of humor, you naughty girl. I want to come to the Woodpecker, too. I’m in.”

Howie Mandel: “I don’t think there’s time, but you did great. Your best act yet.”

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In his “AGT” live blog, our recapper Denton Davidson had this to say about the performance: “Trailer Nasty herself, comedian Vicki Barbolak is the third act to perform. She knows a comedian has never won, but she’s determined to try. After vowing to never leave the trailer park, Vicki rides onto the stage on a golf cart. She then states, ‘I thought the final was going to be a swimsuit competition,’ before ripping off her dress and standing in a bathing suit on stage. Good for her! I love it. She’s going for it. She did her usual schtik of self-degrading jokes about her looks, but it’s what people love about her. Vicki then moved on to a hilarious bit about a restaurant she wants to open called ‘Peckers.’ She had the audience laughing and didn’t appear to be nervous at all. It was probably her best set of the season. All the judges were on their feet!”

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