Tyler Crispen lets his ‘Big Brother’ 20 power app expire: ‘It turns out I didn’t really need it!’

After winning a power app way back in the second week of “Big Brother” Season 20, Tyler Crispen finally let it expire this week. “It turns out I didn’t really need it!” he bragged at the end of Wednesday’s Veto episode. Tyler’s special power was the Cloud, which would give him immunity at one nominations meeting or one Veto ceremony. Since his Level 6 alliance remained in control for most of the game, Tyler was rarely ever in danger. In fact, he’s only been on the block once in nine weeks, when Haleigh Broucher secretly nominated him as the hacker.

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“I feel powerless,” Tyler said in the Diary Room after his app expired at this week’s Veto meeting. “It’s been two months and I didn’t have to use my Cloud power app. Thank you America, but it turns out I didn’t really need it! But now’s when the game gets serious because I don’t have that to fall back on. $500,000 is looking brighter than ever. I’m in this thing for the long haul and I gotta be real careful moving forward ’cause it could get tricky.”

Tyler’s showmance partner Angela Rummans won Head of Household this week and made a bold game move during Sunday’s episode by nominating Haleigh and Faysal Shafaat for eviction. With Faysal feeling “stupid” and Haleigh saying that the end was near, only this week’s Veto competition could have saved the lovebirds from being split up, but Kaycee Clark won the comp and chose to keep the noms the same.

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With Tyler’s Cloud power app expiring this week, that means the entire twist was a bust. Sam Bledsoe never used her Bonus Life power app, so it was given to Kaitlyn Herman, but she failed to put together an easy puzzle and was eliminated. And Bayleigh Dayton was evicted with her Identity Thief power app still in her pocket.

Which player will be evicted this week: Haleigh or Faysal? And will the next evicted houseguest win the Jury Battle Back competition against Bayleigh, Rockstar Lantry or Scottie Salton? Find out Thursday, August 30 during the next live episode of “Big Brother” Season 20.

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