Will ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’’s Emmy gamble pay off? [POLL]

Despite its title, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” will break up its upcoming fourth season in order to be eligible at the Emmys: The first six episodes will be released Wednesday, May 30 — one day before the deadline — and the remaining episodes will drop later this year, taking advantage of the “hanging episode” rule. It’s a risky move to hopefully not sit out an Emmy season, but will it work?

“Kimmy” has a hot-and-cold history at the Emmys. It’s accrued 16 nominations, including Best Comedy Series all three years, but it hasn’t taken home the gold yet. While Tituss Burgess has also been nominated all three seasons, Ellie Kemper was MIA in Season 1 and Jane Krakowski has been snubbed the past two years despite stellar work in Season 3. “Kimmy” has also yet to break into writing and directing even with bold-faced names and Emmy champs Tina Fey and Robert Carlock behind it. (It was Fey’s work on the new “Mean Girls” musical — with her composer-husband Jeff Richmond, who also composes, directs and produces “Kimmy” — that delayed production on Season 4 of “Kimmy.”)

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With a good but not great track record and “Veep” out already, it’s understandable why Netflix wouldn’t want to skip a year. And with more than 500 shows now, the recency effect is a huge factor. Netflix successfully executed an 11th-hour drop with “House of Cards” last year, releasing it on May 30, 2017, to seven nominations. It was, however, the full season of “House of Cards.” Will half of “Kimmy” be enough to sway voters?

Our early odds don’t have much faith in “Kimmy” making a huge splash: It sits in eighth place in comedy series, with Kemper in the dreaded seventh comedy lead actress slot and Krakowski in ninth in supporting. Only Burgess is predicted to win in supporting actor.

What do you think? Will “Kimmy” make it back in or will the Emmys say “troll the respawn, Jeremy“? Vote below!

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