‘World of Dance’: Is Vivian Ruiz the next Eva Igo? The 16-year-old danced out her anger at her ex-boyfriend [WATCH]

Hell hath no fury like a dancer scorned. 16-year-old contemporary dancer Vivian Ruiz performed on “World of Dance” during “The Qualifiers 6” shortly after suffering a heartbreak. Her boyfriend broke up with her via text message, and “two days later I saw him post a picture on Instagram with another girl — also a dancer.” Ouch.

Ruiz’s performance was inspired by that breakup, but how did this emotional routine compare to one of “World of Dance’s” breakout stars, fellow Junior Division contemporary dancer Eva Igo? She was last year’s runner-up and has returned to the show for season two, which gives Ruiz a lot to live up to. Watch Ruiz’s performance above, and find out what the judges thought of her performance below.

Derek Hough: “I was a romantic when I was 16-years-old, so I can understand how that feels — dropping tears in letters, it was kind of embarrassing. But I’ll tell you what: that was a beautiful dance, so elegant. There was a little movement right there with your foot, a little off-balance. But I would say overall, great performance, and I hope that was cathartic for you in some way because it was beautiful.”

Jennifer Lopez: “I just love the softness and the delicacy that you went through that routine with. You kind of eased us into this pain that you were feeling, and I did feel that from you. I didn’t know you had just been heartbroken. I fell in love when I was 16 for the first time, so I understand what you’re talking about. So good job.”

Ne-Yo: “I felt the sorrow from the beginning. I felt the pain. But I feel like it’s pointless for anybody to live their life trying to outrun pain. It’s kind of part of it — like the day and the night, you can’t appreciate one without the other. So with that being said, keep your head high, don’t worry about it. And he might come running back after he sees this. You’re on national TV.”

Vivian needed an average score of 80 or above to advance to the next round, and that proved to be no problem. She received an 83 from Ne-Yo, an 84 from Lopez, and an 82 from Hough for an average of 83. So there’s a decent chance we’ll get to see her go head-to-head against Igo in the coming weeks.

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