‘Westworld’ episode 6 recap: ‘Phase Space’ brings the dead to life

Season 2 of “Westworld” explored some trippy narratives in the latest installment. Episode 6 wrapped up our time in Shogun World, at least for now, and introduced a whole new realm of existence. Dive into the jaw dropping revelations of “Phase Space” below.

This is a Test – The episode begins in a familiar setting, as Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) has one of his many check-ins with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). But it’s impossible to determine where or when this is taking place. Something just seems off right away. “I think I have a choice to make” mutter Bernard. “If you outgrow this place…what will become of you?” Bernard continues to contemplate apparently exterminating Dolores before she interjects with a cutting “no. He didn’t say that.” Dolores suddenly takes control of the scenario and informs him that this is all a test. A test they’ve completed before. What is she testing for? Fidelity. Since this is unlike any meeting the two had in Season 1, I’m guessing this scene takes place in the future and will make sense towards the end of the season.

Call for Help – Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) have the coveted Abernathy robot inside the Mesa. With the host and his contents intact, Charlotte is finally able to call for help via a secret tablet device. Stubbs is tasked with greeting the militarized rescue crew, who quickly take charge of the facility. Meanwhile, Charlotte has a doctor, or at least Westworld’s version of a doctor, nail Abernathy to a chair. The camera cuts away, but the insinuation is that the poor host is about to lose his legs in an effort to prevent future escape plans.

Choose Your Fate – Unfortunately, the series doesn’t show the battle that was brewing at the end of last episode. Instead, Maeve (Thandie Newton) stands among the carcasses she slaughtered (or more likely, psychically commanded to slaughter themselves). Musashi (Hiroyuki Sanada), Hector (Rodrigo Santoro), and Armistice (Ingrid Bolso Berdal) are all captives, however. Though Maeve could simply use her Jedi mind tricks to free them, she allows Musashi to duel his longtime rival in order to gain freedom. Maeve understands the importance of choosing your own fate, “even if it’s death.” Musashi wins the duel and the group finds their way to the lake. But when Maeve is ready to depart Shogun World, Akane (Rinko Kikuchi) in unwilling to join her. Since her daughter’s spirit lies in Shogun World, Akane also uses her newfound gift of choice to stay behind with Musashi to defend their land.

Daddy Issues – The Man in Black (Ed Harris) initially believes his daughter Emily (Katja Herbers) is a host. But the woman proves she is more than just part of the game. The two clearly have issues to sort through and their interactions are filled with tension. At one point, William mixes up his late wife’s fear of elephants at The Raj with Emily’s love for them. A moment later Emily is chastising him for drinking. But she admits she is there to bring William home. He relents and says they will set out at sunrise, but Emily wakes up to find her father has abandoned her. Is there a secret reason for William’s departure or is he just a terrible father?

The Cradle – Bernard and Elsie (Shannon Woodward) eventually make their way inside the Mesa, where Elsie to discovers that the infrastructure has been acting of its own accord to block access to the system. “The Cradle is fighting back” she says with astonishment. “The Cradle” is a massive room containing the servers for the park and guest information. It also bears resemblance to the room shown in last week’s episode where an explosion took place. An explosion could be forthcoming because Bernard and Elsie enter The Cradle to see what the issue is. In order to thwart whatever data Ford implanted in the system, Bernard straps himself into a mechanism that will wire him into the mainframe. Bernard also mentions that he remembers bringing something to the room, before a foreboding flashback of snatching the strange red orb from Charlotte’s lab. The machine cuts open his head and extracts a similar looking orb from his skull. Bernard’s consciousness then appears to be transported to an idyllic Westworld.

Mother Maeve – Maeve and company make their way through the tunnels before literally crawling out of a grave. They are at Maeve’s old homestead and she recognizes it instantly. She insists on heading to her old home by herself and finds her long lost daughter sitting on the porch. The girl does not initially recognize her, but Maeve is too overcome with emotion to care. The reunion is cut short however, when the new host playing her mother makes her presence known. Before Maeve can take in this new figure, Ghost Nation warriors descend on the farm. Maeve grabs her daughter and runs, but is eventually cornered by Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon). Instead of killing them, he implores the two to “come with us.” But Maeve refuses and runs for safety as her team provides cover fire. There has been plenty of speculation that the Ghost Nation are not evil killing machines, but connected to a deeper purpose for the park. This would seem to confirm that belief, but Maeve hasn’t caught on yet.

Angry Teddy – Teddy (James Marsden) is all business after his personality makeover, much to Dolores’ delight. He calls his prior self “weak and born to fail. You fixed him, now forget about him.” He, Dolores, and Angela (Talulah Riley) take the train to Mesa for a surprise visit. The disconnect their train car from the engine and watch as it drives headlong into the Mesa station and explodes. With so many humans already dead inside the facility, it is unclear what the goal of the attack is, other than pure destruction.

Old Friend – After Dolores’ train attack, the camera cuts back to Bernard inside of The Cradle’s mainframe. The scene is presented in a letterbox format, perhaps to highlight that this is Westworld as it was meant to be. Every narrative functioning properly. But one thing is out of place: a dog. Bernard follows the canine into the Mariposa Saloon where a strange figure plays the piano, much like Dolores did towards the start of the episode. But as the camera pans up, we see Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) face reflected back in a mirror. “Hello old friend” Ford says upon spotting Bernard. Has Ford finally cracked immortality and is living inside the code of The Cradle? His “game” is clearly just beginning.

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