‘Westworld’: 5 mind-bending theories for Sunday’s Season 2 finale

The puzzle pieces are slowly fitting into place on the great mysteries of “Westworld” Season 2. But in a series that demands close attention and prides itself on big reveals, there are still major dangling threads to piece together before the final episode of the year. Examine the best theories about the series’ lingering questions below and tune into “The Passengers” on Sunday, June 24 on HBO to see which of these guesses come to fruition.

Man or Robot?
Let’s get the big question out of the way. “Vanishing Point” left William (Ed Harris) in a state of despair, wondering if he is actually a host. He even begins carving into his arm searching for circuitry. It would be a massive twist to reveal that the Delos corporation, or Ford (Anthony Hopkins), figured out a way to successfully create host copies of humans. Many fans point to the inquisitive look William gives to his arm, both in the present and in flashbacks, as proof that he has been an android for sometime. However, it’s also possible that the “one last game” Ford is playing with William is to simply make a human question their own reality to the point where William convinces himself he isn’t human at all.

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Deleted But Not Forgotten
Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) was able to delete the ghostly presence of Ford from his cortex, but the whole process seemed a bit too easy. Is Ford really gone? When Bernard awoke on the beach in the Season 2 premiere, he was disoriented, displayed erratic behavior, and didn’t even require his glasses. He clearly wasn’t himself. After seeing how Bernard behaved with Ford inside his head, it is entirely possible that Ford manages to pop up once more to control the beleaguered host. The Season 2 finale also boasts the title “The Passenger” which could allude to Ford being a passenger inside Bernard’s head.

Bodies in the Sea
The season premiere revealed a grim display of hosts bodies floating in a sea. Teddy (James Marsden) was one of the unfortunate corpses. On one hand, this could be how Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) wins the great Westworld War. She could use the god-code she implanted in Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) to force the hosts to commit suicide, perhaps by releasing some dam that drowns the host army. It could also be part of Dolores’ victory. After all we’ve already seen hosts like Angela (Talulah Riley) sacrifice themselves for her cause. In this case, it might be Dolores who is residing in Bernard’s head considering he mutters “I killed them” when surveying the bodies in the water.

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Maeve’s Escape
There is actually one more candidate for the mystery person possessing Bernard. Maeve (Thandie Newton) currently lies cut open on an operating table. But after getting a major technological boost from Ford, it stands to reason that Maeve could throw her consciousness into another host just as Ford did. Since her old bestie Clementine now possess the same Jedi powers as Maeve, it seems likely there will be an epic showdown between the two hosts. If Maeve is forced to wipe out her friend in a mind battle (perhaps by flooding The Valley Beyond, where Delos wants to take Clementine), she could throw her mind into Bernard at the last minute to save herself from the flood.

Everything is Code
It’s still unclear what Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) plans to do with The Forge. The guest data stored there seems to be good for nothing more than a massive blackmail campaign, but this bloodthirsty robot has bigger plans. William confessed that the cowboy hats in the park were an essential tool for mapping guests’ minds. And Ford did tell William that “everything is code here.” Perhaps Ford’s goal, which Dolores would be aware of, is not to create hosts from human minds, but to control the actions of humans by using the “code” of their own brains. After all, the concept of free will is paramount to the series. It would also explain how the deceased Ford could talk to, and perhaps control, the hat-wearing William. If Dolores knows about this potential use of The Forge and reaches the facility first, every guest who has ever set foot in Westworld would be under her control.

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