‘World of Dance’: Ashley and Zack’s sexy contemporary routine got the judges hot and bothered [WATCH]

Ashley and Zack burned up the dance floor on “World of Dance” during “The Qualifiers 6.” “Dance means the world to me,” said Ashley, and that goes double for Zack, who explained that “it’s literally my whole life.” The contemporary duo are professional dancers who have worked with musical artists like Nicki Minaj, Prince, Gwen Stefani, and Chaka Khani, but those aren’t their own celebrity connections. They also worked with “World of Dance” judge Derek Hough on his “Move Live” tour.

Though Ashley and Zack aren’t really a couple, they danced with intimacy and sensuality, though Jennifer Lopez didn’t think their choice of song (“Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars) was the best fit for their choreography. What did you think? Watch their performance above and see what the judges had to say below.

Ne-Yo: “I don’t know why, but every time I see couples dance and dance well I always want them to be an actual couple. You guys absolutely made it look real. You know what I loved? It was sensual without being raunchy, really tastefully done.”

Jennifer Lopez: “You guys are both beautiful dancers. Amazing athleticism, strength, precision, clean as it could be — not one bobble or wobble or anything when there could have been 20. But I would be really careful with your song choices. The song did not move me, and that’s a big part of your performance. That’s an artistic choice that could sink you or take the audience over the top. But good job.”

Derek Hough: “I know you two. You guys were on my tour last summer. I loved the emotion between the two of you. The lifts — when you did that pike, holding her like this and then she sneaks down and does this move I’ve never seen before, so good. And when you see something you haven’t seen it’s just exciting. Great job!”

Despite Lopez’s reservations about their musical selection she gave the duo a score of 84. Ne-Yo also scored them 84. And their pal Hough awarded them 87 points for an average of 85, which was enough to move them forward to the next round of competition.

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