‘World of Dance’: Cubcakes Dance Crew were small but fierce, and they give great stank face [WATCH]

The Qualifiers 7” on “World of Dance” started with a bang. The Junior Team Division group Cubcakes Dance Crew was a fierce hip-hop army of girls whose cuteness was matched by their athleticism and attitude. And when it comes to hip-hop dance, it’s all about the attitude. Before performing the members of the group showed off their intense facial expressions, and if this was a competition for the best stank face, these performers would win hands down.

So what did the judges think of their performance to start the night? Read their comments below, and watch the Cubcakes’ routine above.

Jennifer Lopez: “It’s always amazing to me when I see little babies your age come out here and have so much poise and command of the stage, and are so unafraid to do what you love. It is such a joy to watch for me. Honestly, you guys did such a great job. You’re strong and clean and precise, and obviously have rehearsed a whole lot. You guys have the makings of a really great dance crew.”

Ne-Yo: “Here’s what you guys have beyond your years: super-duper clean, super in sync. The flips … Oh my god, every flip I was like, ‘Oh no, you’re so young, please don’t break your neck!’ Good job, guys.”

Derek Hough: “Your personality is ridiculous. Also I want to point out that moment when you did a split, and then you broke your neck into a further split. And to see right now you guys supporting each other, that moves me so much. I think at a young age to have that support system, to have that bond is such a beautiful thing. Great job, ladies.”

The adorable but ferocious Cubcakes earned 80 points from Hough, 84 from Ne-Yo, and 85 from Lopez, giving them an average score of 83, just enough to get them over that 80-point threshold they needed to advance to the upcoming “Duels” round of the competition.

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