‘World of Dance’ Duels: Connection were almost done in by ‘My Humps’ [WATCH]

What are Connection going to do with all that junk, all that junk inside their trunks? Well, they’ll probably shake that junk to a completely different song in the next round of the competition. They won their “World of DanceDuel against fellow hip-hop troupe Funkywunks, but they were almost done in by their song choice. Indeed, Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo were far from love-drunk on “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas.

I for one loved the song choice and the playful way their choreography incorporated its cheeky rhythms and lyrics, but it almost got them booted from the competition. What do you think? Watch their routine above, and read what the judges had to say below.

Jennifer Lopez: “Connection, I loved all the personality. I loved the spirit of it, trying to really battle them and let them know you were coming for them. I’m not sure about the music choice. For me it felt under the energy of what I know you guys to do, but I think it was a good job.”

Derek Hough: “I actually think your dancing elevated the song. The simplicity of the concepts — just the arm connection moment, it’s like a simple concept, very effective, which is very intelligent choreography. Great job, Connection.”

Ne-Yo: “I love the fact that I could hear y’all from here. I like that, I like that animal thing, that intensity. You definitely came to duel. There is enough personality in what you guys were doing to pull off the song choice, so great job.”

This Duel was as close as you could get. The judges didn’t think either team knocked it out of the park, but Connection eked out a win with an average score of 85.3, which was just one-third of a point higher than Funkywunks’ score of 85. It all came down to a minor error in one of the Funkywunks’ ambitious tricks. But now that Connection have advanced to the Cut round, perhaps they’ll prepare for their next routine by searching through the Black Eyed Peas catalog for a different song. “I Gotta Feeling” they’ll pick better next time.

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