‘World of Dance’ Emmys exclusive: Director Alex Rudzinski talks about making a ‘dynamic presentation’ each week

In an exclusive video shown for the first time on Gold Derby, “World of Dance” executive producer and superstar judge Jennifer Lopez introduces Alex Rudzinksi, the series’ director who makes the difficult task of directing a reality dance competition look easy. Rudzinksi previously won a pair of Emmys in 2016 for directing and producing “Grease Live.” Watch the video above for a sneak peak at the impressive skills it takes to capture every amazing moment of this reality TV series.

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“My job was to make a really interesting, connected, dynamic presentation,” says Rudzinski. “I wanted to make sure every beat, every movement, every extension was best portrayed to the people watching at home. And to the judges obviously.” Those judges include Lopez alongside professional dancer Derek Hough and musician Ne-Yo.

“What I love about ‘World of Dance’ is that we can actually judge a hip-hop group against a ballet duo,” says Hough. Ne-Yo adds, “The contestants are judged on five very specific criteria: Performance, technique, creativity, presentation and choreography. Each of these criteria are worth 20 points a piece, which gives a maximum score of 100.”

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“One of the amazing things about this format is with a talent as experienced as Jennifer Lopez, she brings this incredible expertise from many, many years in creating a connection with an audience,” says Rudzinski. “So when dancers and acts are up there in front of her and performing she can drill down very easily and give incredible insight into their stage presence and their performance.”

When discussing the process of shooting the performances, Rudzinski explains, “We really try to create an environment that’s immersive. We shoot it in the round, so it’s a circular set. It gives them an extra element of creation when they choreograph their routines. So for me as a director I get to tell that story and it’s really exciting. To be able to have fluid, continuous one-shots that help accentuate the choreography is very rewarding. Trying to create routines that are more immersive in this space is something that really identifies [us] from other shows.”

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