‘World of Dance’ exclusive video: S-Rank flip out over meeting their mentor Ciara before Divisional Finals [WATCH]

S-Rank have made it through three rounds of competition on “World of Dance” on their way to the Divisional Finals on September 5, when they face Poreotics and The Ruggeds for the Upper Team Division title. But nothing prepared them for meeting Ciara, who is mentoring them this week. They literally have to pick themselves up off the floor afterwards, so let’s hope they fully recover before their crucial dance. Watch our exclusive video clip of their mentoring session above.

“Having Ciara watch our rehearsal feels crazy to us,” says S-Rank team leader Melvin Timtim. “My biggest dream as a choreographer is to work with people like Ciara.” This is actually Melvin’s second season on “World of Dance.” Last year he competed with a different hip-hop crew, Chapkis Dance Family, who were eliminated during the Cut round. Now Melvin has made it farther than ever, and if S-Rank wins the Upper Team Division Final tonight he’ll be one step closer to the $1 million grand prize.

“You guys are so awesome,” Ciara tells them about their routine. “What I just saw was dripping in so much swag. The transitions are crazy. The combination of everything you did is nuts … I know you guys have sacrificed so much. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re just hungry. So go out there and give it to the world.”

S-Rank look like strong favorites going into the Divisional Final based on their past performances. They had the second-highest Qualifiers score in the Upper Team Division (91 out of 100). Then they received the single highest Duels score in their division (94.3). They had the second best score during the Cut (92.3), but that round was so close that all three teams scored within one point of each other, making it a virtual dead heat.

Do you think S-Rank will win tonight? And if so, will they win the grand prize when the season ends next week?

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